Las Quatro Harwoods

One last hurrah

July 21
6 days
I’m sitting in the porch swing with my coffee, listening to the birds make their plans for the day and the river rambling by in the distance.
No offense to any friends or family that we’ve spent time with this summer, but this has by far been my favorite week.  We’ve spent the majority of everyday outside, playing, exploring, swimming and laughing.  As a family.  I’ll be the first to admit, when I realized we had no cell phone service, no Internet service and no tv I was distraught.  I really like Internet access and the magical world of the interweb.  But, we get to check messages and all that each time we drive into or through town and that has been plenty. We scrounged up some movies for the kids to watch from time to time and I was able to visit the big house for a little television when my National Team needed my services.  (US Soccer, Gold Cup if you didn’t get that).  So we haven’t been completely isolated like “old timey times, you know the 80s” or anything, but it has been a nice break from it all.  It has been really cool to see Maddox just go outside and ride the scooter or just wander around the yard and Josie play with her dolls and go outside and smell the flowers or just wander around some herself.  It’s been good for us all.
So here are the highlights possibly not in chronological order, but I didn’t figure that would be important this time.  I’ll pick a few things to elaborate on, but I could go on for days about this week if I’m not careful.
Footslogger’s climbing tower.  Maddox went straight to the top and straight back down.  He originally said he would only do it after Robyn and I had a turn, but the guide spoke to him first so he stepped up and knocked it out.  One was enough though.  He said it was kind of fun but mostly scary.  Said he thought there would be a kid one, not just the super tall one.  I love how sometimes he approaches things as tasks to accomplish and check off.  Done that.  Lets go look for some toys.  Oh and of course Josie wanted a turn too, but she was too small for an official climb.  They let us just put her on the lower parts and she promptly tried to climb out of our reach.  I think she totally would have kept climbing if we had let her.
Favorite Josie moment #1 dancing to Tom Petty in front of the silver mannequin that she loves in the head shop on King Street.  Just shaking her booty and loving it.  (Mommy was shopping in the little boutiques in the same hallway, that’s why we were there.  I promise).
Maddox and I have been playing a lot of catch this week.  It’s been nice.  It’s been a long time since I’ve just had a catch with anyone.  There is something quite relaxing about it and something really cool about sharing that with my son.  One afternoon we went out to throw and it was sprinkling a bit.  He insisted on throwing anyway.  It turned out great.  The sun eventually came out, as it always does in the mountains, and we had some great conversation about our coming move.  I asked him his top five things he was excited about and he said, “I’m excited about so many things, I couldn’t even tell you all of them in a day!”  Now, I know some of this is a reflection of what I’ve been saying, but I think he really is excited.  Eventually he singled out the fact that he will have a pool at school and at our house.  I have to admit, that’s up there on the list for me too.  We also talked about things we will miss and he immediately said his family.  That will surely be tough.  
Favorite Maddox moment #1 Me, “Awesome job buddy!  You want to climb again?”  Maddox, “Ah, not really.”
Went fishing at Valle Crucis park.  Took Maddox for the first time thanks to a borrowed Spider-Man fishing rod.  I got to fish for the first time in probably five years.  Shouldn’t have waited that long.  I’ve missed it.  Actually hooked into one after about an hour or so, but it got away.  Maddox says it still counts though.  He was really excited.  There was a pretty cool moment when I was casting in the river with no one else around and Maddox and Josie were over playing on the edge of the creek.  I fished that stretch many times on my own years ago.  I didn’t catch anything, untangled lots of knots on the Spider-Man rod, had to save a pair of shoes from floating away and dealt with kids splashing in the water and throwing rocks next to me as I fished.  Not ideal, but i can honestly say It was my favorite visit to that fishing hole.
Later that same day…
Now I’m on the front steps while Maddox finishes a car nap and Robyn and Josie finish their afternoon rest time. Had a good little run into to town with Maddox for groceries, an App shirt and a trip to Mast General. 
Saturday morning was the farmer’s market and Puss in Boots at Horn in the West.  Kids had fun, play was cute.  Robyn got kale to make chips again.  Headed to the park next door for picnic and play.  Happy times.
I got to return to use the rain check for Horn in the West from Thursday night with Maddox.  He decided he wanted me to go is time since he and Robyn tried on Thursday.  If I’m honest, I wasn’t real excited.  Is always good to spend time with my boy regardless, but…  It turned out alright.  It wasn’t a great production this time, but he had fun and we had some quality time together and that’s what counts.  (Side note- Robyn was the lead “Mary” in the show about 15 years ago.)
Favorite Josie moment #2 walking in to get her out of bed in the morning and she’s standing in her pack and play dancing with her Hello Kitty headphones on.  No music attached, just dancing.
Another side note.  Way to the side.  I had dinner with my old “Little Brother” from my WYN days this week.  I hadn’t seen him in close to fifteen years.  We were matched when he was somewhere around nine years old and spent four years together as a part of the program and then just staying in touch.  About that long anyway.  He’s ahead a hard life, but seemed to be doing ok.  He’s in to producing music and dj kind of stuff.  It was really cool to see him and catch up.  I think he was pretty excited about it too.  He told me he was really nervous to hang out, but he seemed to relax as the evening went on.  Pretty cool.  I hope we’ll manage to stay in touch now. 
Favorite Maddox moment #2 – as we rode back to the house Maddox hijacked Josie’s song, “I love you.  You love me.  We are a boring family!”
I guess that does it for today.  I need to wake this boy up so he will go to bed tonight.  I also need to get to the television at the big house as the USMNT plays in 30 minutes.  Many thanks to these mountains and the Grizzards for the accommodations this week.  I hope that we will spend a good bit of time up this way each summer.  I don’t recall there being a whole lot of mountains in Ghana.  By the way, we’ll be there, in our new home, in six days!
Favorite Josie moment #3 – stopping to chase a butterfly on the trail at Price Park.
Favorite Maddox moment #3 – Mommy “Did you look at the sticker? Where is that plum from?”  Maddox “I don’t know.  I can’t read!”  
One more thing.  I realized this morning that I lived in Boone from 1993 to 2003 and in Greensboro from 2003 to 2013.  Ten years in each.  Kind of cool.  I guess that explains why Boone feels almost as much like home as Greensboro.  Now on to Ghana.  Ten more years?
Sun is shining
Weather is sweet
Make you want to move
Your dancing feet

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