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Pop flies and Radio silence

10 days remain.  We have now successfully traversed the state this summer as we are spending this week in Todd.  (For those of you not in the know, that would be a suburb of the metropolis of Boone.) It feels good to be in the mountains.  It always does.
Last week was spent in Greensboro at our friend Lori’s house.  That was an interesting experience in itself.  It isn’t often that you get to live in your own hometown but not in your own home.  I found it hard to find my way around several times as my natural compass had been somehow altered and the breadcrumbs were no longer leading to the same house.  It was fun though.  Maddox had a blast at soccer camp.  Josie had fun having a dog for the week, Robyn had fun seeing a few friends and I loved having one more run with our couch. Ha.  
It was cool to take Maddox to camp each day and watch him great his coaches with a kind of smile and walk with confidence down to the rest of the group.  He’s growing up so quick.  What was even cooler was to see him walking back up to be picked up with the group.  Some days he would be talking with a couple other guys and laughing and others he would just be walking on his own taking it all in.  I even managed to sneak a peek in the middle of a session one day as I ran down to the fields from the house and watched through the fence.  The whole camp was gathered around the coaches as they were talking, probably close to 60 or 70 kids from 4 to 14 maybe, and he and a couple buddies were off to the side chatting and he was demonstrating some TKD moves.  Funny.  Then as the whistle blew they all headed off to the next task and he talked with the coach as he walked.  Maybe too much mundane details for you, but it was cool for me.  At the end of the week we continued the tradition of taking him over to Mundo Soccer for a new kit.  He chose the black and blue Barca kit this year.  Pretty cool.  It’s funny watching him pick by color, not by team.  I’m sure there are some who may be angered by his waffling between teams each year, but he’s 5 and I don’t care what he picks as long as it isn’t white.
Josie’s week was filled with paint brushes, water colors, chalk and lots of changes of clothes.  Oh, and of course baby dolls.  She had a great time with Imani’s art supplies and loved having Ceila around too.  Every nap and night time she wanted to make sure that Ceila was going to sleep in the room with her.  She did a lot of exploring on her own and just playing around the house last week.  It was really cool to watch her little imagination run wild.  Her favorite thing lately has been to tell us that she is the mommy and Maddox and I are the brothers and Robyn is the sister.  Then she tells us what to do which is generally either eat some breakfast or go to sleep.  Then wake up and eat some more breakfast.  
The two of them also had a blast with the slip and slide in the back yard.  The yard slopes downward pretty good and there is a little plastic slide at the top.  When you pair that with a slip n slide (and eventually add a sled to the mix) it makes for a lot of fun.  They spent almost every afternoon having water play time before dinner.
We also managed to have a farewell lunch with Mr. Atta.  It’s funny sometimes to think about how interconnected this has all become.  I had no idea when I met him almost ten years ago that I would start a project working with him in Ghana and one day move to his  home country.  It has been fascinating getting to know him.  We had a good time discussing Ghanaian culture and history over a delicious Japanese lunch buffet.  I will miss seeing him each day and look forward to 2014 when he says he will come and visit us in Ghana.  
We made it to Todd Monday around lunch time.  Had lunch at the Farmers Table which was pretty tasty and then just wandered King Street while Robyn visited her favorite consignment shop.  We also managed a little ice cream.  Then we spent the afternoon around the house and went down to the Todd General store to play around a little in the evening.  We all splashed around in the river for a bit before calling it a day.  
Maddox found a little baseball glove and a soft baseball at Glenn’s house and he has quickly mastered the art of catching with it.  We had talked for a while about getting him a glove, but just hadn’t quite gotten to it.  I swear it took him about 15 minutes to start actually catching the ball with some consistency.  Since then that almost all he has wanted to do.  When we finished playing in the river last night we threw a little bit more in the field by the river and I tossed him some pop flies.  At one point he caught three in a row.  Funny.  That boy is ready for anything and anything he wants to do, he will.
I got up this morning and drove with Josie down to Clemmons for one last check up with her doctor about the lump on her cheek. He’s still certain that it is atypical TB and nothing to worry about.  Good to hear, but wish he could have told us that over the phone or something.  We left the house at about 7:20 for a 9:00 appointment.  Spent less than 30 minutes in the office and turned around and drove  back.  That said, of course I would drive all day for her if I had too, but I’m not going to pretend like it was fun. I will say there were two good things from it (other than a good doc report of course).  One as we drove Railroad Grade Road along the New River first thing this morning, the fog was rolling across the mountain and down through the valley and it was absolutely beautiful.  Two, its always fun having some individual time with the kids and everywhere we go people comment about how cute she is.  I have to say I agree.  It was fun being with her and talking to her as we rode back and forth.  Such a cute little one.
Enough.  Oh, part two of the title is because there is no working cable television, no wireless and no cellphone service here at the cabin.  Kind of frustrating, but kind of nice.  We’ve done a lot of playing outside.  Many thanks. 

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