Las Quatro Harwoods

Game day

Retro diary written 7.28.13
Early morning: Mom made an egg casserole for breakfast, but the kids managed to talk her into some French toast. Ok so she offered it, but they puppy dog eyed her a little for it.  Works every time.
Maddox headed outside for some laps on the bike to warm up for a final Wii marathon.  He’s gotten pretty good at the basketball game.  Gave me run for my money,
8:30 headed out to pick up Sig at Enterprise and sign the Prius over to her at the DMV.  Got there early and were the first in line. Awesome, cause we all know how that could have turned out,  
9:30ish started loading the car.  Dragged eight bags with an average weight of fifty pounds down to the garage and loaded them into the cars. 
10:00ish.  Second shower.
The time between this shower and 11:30 is more ore less unaccounted for.  I assume it was used to sip lattes and eat grapes.
11:30ish cars loaded with bags and people and headed to the airport.  
 12:15 bags extracted from the car like clowns at the circus and somehow herded to the check in desk. Super nice lady at the Delta counter (must have been a mis-hire) checked their weights and let me reshuffle the contents a bit until they were all at fifty two ponds or less which saved us approximately one million dollars.
12:37 hugs and goodbyes to family and Mr. Atta who took the time to come see us off.   I love that man.  (I’m actually going to pause right now and text him.  Be right back).  Ok.    Done.
12:40 hugs and goodbyes to family again.  Maddox showed a little sadness here.  Robyn cried.  It was tough.  Josie just walked on.  Oh to be two.
12:45 through security, yep it was that quick and Josie is running down the hallway yelling “I’m gonna get there first!”
2:00 on the plane where the pilot offered to let Maddox sit in the pilot’s seat as we boarded.  Being the shy kid that he sometimes is he declined.  I tried to work my way in there instead, but there were looks of disapproval and I thought I heard something about air marshalls, so on to our seats.
2:07 a successful take off and we are air-born.  Josie loved it.  Lots of grins and “Whoa”s.  Maddox took several cool pictures of the clouds on the flight.
3:30 on the ground in Atlanta and walking to out gate.  A little relaxing time. Then we find out there is a delay, and a gate change.  Interestingly enough we get this info via email and a phone call from Delta who had previously claimed they could not get in touch with me to let me know they had shafted me on my seat assignments.  Oh and this electronic communication came before anyone in the airport told us a thing.  Meanwhile, outside, the rains are coming down with a fury.
5:30 kids are jammied and watching a movie at the gate.  There’s another delay announced.   Looks like its going to be close to make our connection. 
6:00  Gate lady tells us the flight probably won’t make it in time.  Also says flight to Accra from JFK consistently leaves late.  Says we could fly to Johannesburg then to Accra.  I think that sounds wonderful.  Lets add a thirteen hour fight before a ten hour flight.  She’s talking hotels in Atlanta and NYC.  Our council of elders decides to roll the dice (first time tonight, not the last) and go to JFK and RUN!
In the midst of all this ATL drama we also manage to adopt a grandmother from Côte d’Ivoire who seems to not speak much English but follows us through the gate changes and comes to me for updates.  
7:30 rain has stopped and we are finally air-born once again.  This is going to be close.  2 hr flight 10:18 departure time.  Factoring in taxiing and transit to the gate in a different terminal which will require not only a sprint but a train or bus ride of some sort. Hmm…  At least I know that we’ll have some comfy seats on the long overnight flight and we’ll get some decent rest.  Duh duh duhhhhhh.
9:40 touchdown in NYC. 
9:52 feet down hit the ground running through the terminal.  Positive note arrival gate is 25 departure gate is 30.  Run Maddox, run with a backpack on your back and one on your front just like your daddy.  Don’t look back for your mom and sister.  If we get there in time we can beg the plane to wait for them. Quick onto the magic sidewalk that makes us twice as fast.   Yes you can gently push that kid out of the way who’s not in a hurry.
10:04  We made it to the gate and it is quite obvious that they are not even close to leaving us behind.  Whew.  Close one.  What our seats aren’t even in the same cabin?  Aooooooooogaaaaaahhhhhhh!  That’s the sound of steam escaping from both Robyn’s head and mine.
10:20 after a few round of highly civilized and perfectly courteous discussion with the overly sympathetic and compassionate gate guy we are issued four random seats about the economy comfort cabin and are turned over to they mercy of the other passengers.
10:30 other passengers are much more sympathetic and courteous than Delta Airlines and we have secured three seats together with one in the row in front of them.  
10:32 everyone is nestled in for a nice long restful sleep for the next ten hours until we arrive in Ghana.  (We’re going to pretend that’s what really happened.  You all know that went more like, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m asleep, I just woke up, I want to watch a movie on the iPad, I want to sit next to mommy, daddy please trade seats, I need to go potty, can I have some gum, are we there yet?)
Approximately 1:32 pm Ghana time.  Touchdown in Accra.  We taxi down the runway, stop and begin to deplane.  What?  Yes.  He really just said please sit back down so the pilot can move the plane a few feet.  Welcome to Ghana my friends!

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