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Day One or So, We Live in Ghana Now

Last night was rough.  The kids both passed out early.  Josie at about five and Maddox around six, local time.  In their internal, clocks that was probably still processing as EST so of course they both popped up around eleven.  They had just taken a long afternoon nap.  See, with a four hour difference that would translate into a one o’clock an that lasted about five hours.  We knew it was coming but it was still rough.  Robyn did the first shift and they watched a movie and then played with their flashlights.  Then I can in and tried to read some and tell them some stories.  It worked eventually, but it was rough.  Of course, then we had to wake them up this morning.
Tina fixed us eggs and toast for breakfast and fixed the kids pancakes which they loved.  A great start to the day.  Then we headed out with Julie to take care of some business.  Headed to the mall.  Just like any other mall.  Yuk, but had what we needed.  The bonus was that they had pizza and a little play area in the middle with bouncy houses and sketchy carnivalesque rides.  The kids had a blast.  Josie jumped around and Maddox played on the little basketball game. They both had fun on the carousel/bull ride too.  Josie had a huge smile and waved every time it came around.  Maddox was laughing and having fun too.  
We left with cell phones connected (they just cut a regular SIM card down to a nano in the store) a microwave and toaster, an iron (that didn’t work, wrong plug) and a bunch of other non exciting stuff.  Both kids were already exhausted, but Maddox pleaded to go by the school before we headed  home and since Josie had passed out we agreed.  He was super excited to see Lincoln and grinned pretty much ear to ear as he took a little tour with Robyn and Julie. 
Back to the house to unload and relax a bit while Julie took Robyn to the grocery store.  Maddox watched a movie while Josie played with her dolls.  Eventually both kids ended up enjoying a little snack and watching the movie as we got ready to go to Cynthia’s apartment for dinner.  (Upstairs neighbor, Director of Advancement for Lincoln).  We had a great time with good food, and even got a drum demo and lesson that was super fun.  But it was all adults and it turned out that was a little tougher on Maddox than we expected.  
He’s an intelligent little guy and he’s struggling a little to figure things out.  He said tonight that he was frustrated because he doesn’t have any toys and he hasn’t made any friends to play with.  He also made some very intuitive observations about some of the people working at the play place today.  He told Robyn that they said nice things, but “their bodies acted mean.”  He’s also struggling a little to understand the cultural differences and understand the way they speak here.  It’s English, but it’s different.  All that said, it is only our first full day.  I’m sure he will be fine and we are working on finding some other people with kids who are here, but it is always hard to see your kid struggle.  Especially with big ideas like this. 
So although things are going well, I wouldn’t say all is perfect.  I don’t think we expected anything else though.  I also don’t think I can honestly say I knew what to expect once we got here. Sure I’d seen Accra before and knew what I would see and hear and smell, but I had no idea what it would all feel like through the eyes of my children.  I think they are both probably a little confused, the difference is just that Maddox is pretty good at expressing it.  He’ll figure it out though.  We all will.  Because we are a family and that’s what we do.  One love.

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