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Night Crawlers

Not the yucky kind, just the two legged, waking up in the middle of the night kind.  Yep, the kids have been creeping into our bed every night lately.  It’s a good thing it’s a kingish size bed.  As in wide as a king size, but suspiciously not quite as long.  We’ll take it though.  It’s comfy and sleeps a family of four as we have discovered.  Unfortunately, the sheets only sleep a family of three since we washed them.  Oh well.  They’ve also pretty much decided wake up time is in the 5:30 am range too.  Not so cool.  Can’t quite figure that one out.  
 Two weeks down and we’re still kickin with only a minimal amount of screamin.  Robyn and I are almost back to full functioning.  You know it takes a bit to recover from any kind of funk.  We are still managing to have some fun and staying super busy.   
Friday was new student orientation at Lincoln and the place was a buzz with activity.  I got a little excited seeing all the new kids wandering around with their families and meeting some of the returning kids as well.  The returning kids had come to be student ambassadors, and they seemed genuinely excited to be there.  It’s a pretty cool little community within the school I think.  I’ll teach 7,8,9 humanities with one section of 7 & 9 and three of 8 which means I get the whole eighth grade.  Apparently that’s about 42 kids.  Wow!  My biggest class right now is listed as 20 and my smallest is 7.  Likely to change I would guess, but how cool would that be?  Everyone at Lincoln has been awesome.  I don’t quite feel fully prepared with so much going on, but I know that I’ll catch up eventually and there are people that genuinely want to help me out.  
Maddox gave mixed reviews of his orientation.  He had already spent a week on campus running around with his buddies who will both start first grade while he starts kindergarten, and I think he feels he should just go on and be in their class.  He kept telling us how he was the tallest one in his class at orientation and such.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  If you ask a proud papa, he’s definitely wise beyond his years, not that this is always a good thing…  If you ask a Maddox, he already knows everything he needs too.  Hopefully he’ll make a few new friends in his class as well and that will help him out.  I do know he’ll figure it out either way.  He always does.
Speaking of which.  He has become a regular fish in the pool.  Possibly even a flying fish I reckon.  He swims laps now, three lengths in a row is his record.  It’s a little pool of course, but he’s a little fella.  He’s also taken to diving and “flipping” into the pool thanks to his buddy TT.  The flip is a little more of a 3/4 sort of thing that ends with a bit of a smack, than a full flip, but he absolutely loves doing it.  He’s requested lots of photo and video documentation of his work as well.  He just gets out and jumps in over and over and over again,  It’s funny how much kids love repetition.  They’ve also watched the same six movies about a hundred times now.  
Josie isn’t feeling the pool quite as much these days.  I’m kind of with her on that one.  The water is cold, and it’s been pretty overcast this week.  Not a good pool combination.     Instead she hangs out and throws things in the water for Maddox to get and today she and Robyn talked on their Mermaid phones.  That was fun to watch.  Each of them on opposite sides of the pool with a mermaid doll up to their ears as Josie told about what she was doing at work that day.  That kid cracks me up.  She’s all about the role reversals right now. She’s the mommy and I’m the brudder.  Oh, and she stayed home with Tina on her own for the first time Friday.  Seemed like it went pretty good.  They walked down the street to the Kidz Cottage and Beauty Parlor where you can get your hair cut and or jump on trampolines and play on slides and such.  Josie choose the later and for six cedis ($3) they played for about an hour.  Tina said she had a blast and Josie later confirmed that, quite a few times.  
Robyn and I made the rookie mistake of trying to rent a movie off iTunes tonight.  Currently there are 913 minutes remaining on that download.  Yeh, maybe TWC wasn’t that bad after all.  Ha.  Oh well.  We supposedly have a different Internet provider coming to set us up this week and maybe that will be a little better.  We’ll see. Funny.
Supposed to pool and picnic with Maddox’s buddies and their families tomorrow.  Should be fun.  One family is from Scotland and the dad is the theater teacher and the other is from Canada and the dad teaches elementary French and the mom teaches grade four.  They’re good people and we’ve enjoyed getting to the know them.  Then possibly over to the school for a bit after naps.  Robyn thinks she might attempt some laps and there is an ultimate frisbee game as well.  I reckon we’ll see how these tired old bones are feeling for that one.  Definitely need to find our way to a grocery store tomorrow.  We’ve let things get a bit slim here.  Although, I almost forgot, Robyn did go to the commissary at the American Embassy today.  She got us some fifteen dollar goldfish (it’s the big milk carton style box thought) and ten dollar ice cream (regular size unfortunately) among other treats.  Needless to say this won’t be a regular thing, but it might be worth it from time to time to get some cereal that doesn’t taste like stale laundry detergent and just some tastes of home.  God Bless America.  They must fly that stuff over on fighter jets or something to make it so expensive.
I think that about does it for now.  Just trying to get ourselves ready for the first day of school on Monday.  Fingers crossed it goes well for all of us!

Flip master

Robyn’s Hammer, I mean Ghanaian pants

After lunch at Deli Fraaance watching the world go by

Little punk

Maddox and his bud TT and his sister, and Josie’s new best friend, Kiyo
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