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The Trifecta

So I’m probably throwing this out there a bit early, but this week could end with a really big bang.  We’ve managed to get our DSTV connected this week.  Supposedly the Vodaphone guys are at our house right now to connect our internet and super supposedly our shipment could arrive in the next couple of days.  If so that could just catapult us into the best week ever.  Oh and I found access to some good beer at a shop right around the corner from me.  We’ll use good as a relative term here.  I mean its no Bestway grocery selection,  but its some tasty Belgian brews and it he threw in two cool glasses , and it has saved me from the curses of Star and Club.

This has been an interesting week regardless of how all that turns out.  School was only half full (ever the optimist) today as the Supreme Court here announced their ruling on the protest of last year’s elections.  Embassies warned their expats to stay home for fear of possible violence today and a lot of our students took that to heart, or decided it was a good excuse to stay home.  Either way it was a bit of a busted day.  My two classes each had half their students present which made it a wee bit pointless.  Of course being ever the vigilant teacher and believing in the value of education regardless of the conditions, I made certain to continue with viable and interesting lessons.  (That was just in case someone I work for reads this.)  Oh, and by the way, the decision was that the election was legit and there was no change in power.  We’ve yet to see or hear of any repercussions so I’m hoping that means all is well.

We are finding life here fun, but very demanding.  I think exhaustion comes to mind.  Not just Robyn and I either.  Maddox is feeling it too.  He pretty much passes out every night without much of a fight and most nights we are right behind him.  Josie, well, that’s another story.

She’s hit that I’m two and a half and bed time is a time to play phase.  Holy moly is that fun.  Bad side, it is really hard to keep from flipping out on her after an hour of requests for water, a trip to the potty, and random chattiness.  Good side, I sit in the hall and read for about half of that hour.  I’m flying through the Game of Thrones.  She’s hilarious some nights too.  One night I had snapped at her a bit as she requested a trip to the potty about 35 minutes after night night stories had ended and she had already requested water five different times and rolled around and asked to be covered by her blanket again twenty times.  So as she sat on the potty, cause you can’t really say know to that and she knows it, she told me, “Some times you get frustrated with me, and sometimes I get frustrated with Maddox and sometimes Mommy gets frustrated at Maddox and sometimes Maddox gets frustrated with you and…”  you get the idea.  Of course she always throws in a couple of “I love you daddy”s just for good measure.

On the other side of things, there is still nothing better than her smiling face running to great us in the afternoons when we get home.  She comes running full speed from wherever she is in the house and hurls herself at us to give hugs.  Even Maddox enjoys it.  Monday she starts school!  Robyn is supposed to go with her Monday morning for an orientation kind of thing at Little Explorers.

Maddox is really enjoying school and continues to settle in a little better each day.  We’ve still had some rough mornings complete with tears, but it is getting better for sure.  When we see his classmates around school in the afternoons they always want to give him hi fives and he gets excited to tell me all about them as they walk away.  He’s even talking more about what they are doing in class.   He’s excited to be learning and that’s absolutely wonderful.  It is pretty fun sitting on the couch with him or in the kitchen in the afternoons and going over his sight words or doing some simple math.  I love to watch his little brain working and see the satisfaction on his face as he figures things out.  Pretty cool.

So, I definitely started this post too early.  Those first couple of paragraphs were written sometime Thursday afternoon and it is now Saturday morning.  Turns out those Vodaphone guys that were in our house at that point were only the survey crew.  You see in this uber efficient system, they send people out to “look at the facility” before they send a technician out to install the modem.  Apparently these are two very different and highly complex skill sets that would be impossible for one mortal to possess.  Sorry.  That’s the spoiled American in me coming out a bit.  But good grief, our receipt (that we finally got Thursday) says August 14th.  And by my calculations, it is now the 31st.  So, yeh.  That’s just kind of how it goes here.  I’ve learned that already, but I still call my friend Lois at Vodaphone at least once a day to just check in and make sure she’s having a good day.  Or maybe to tell her how frustrated I am and how ridiculous it is.  One of those things.  I should note that we do have internet in the house right now.  It’s just not that great and you have to drive to the gas station next to the vegetable stand once a month and hope they have the cards to buy to “top up”.  Once you start it you only have to put 15 cedis on it a month to keep your already purchased data, its pay as you go you see, but they only sell 100 cedi cards.  They may be slightly inefficient here, but they aren’t stoopid.

Our shipment.  Here’s another perfect example of the frustrations of a developing country.  After our stuff sat in the shallows for about two weeks it finally was offloaded yesterday.  We got a couple of updates from our man George that we would receive it at some point in the afternoon.  (Friday)  I got a phone call as we headed for the car after school and he told us it would be at our house by 6pm and I would get a call asking for directions very soon.  Yippee!!  Then about 5:30 I got another call.  It seems that the guard at the final gate leaving the port noticed that something was amiss with the paperwork and turned the truck around.  They needed one more signature, but the guy that has that signature for that line on that piece of paper had left at 5:00.  Doh!  So our stuff spent the night on the truck and is supposed to get here sometime today.  The port opens “about 9 or 10” this morning, so maybe around lunch time.  I had to just laugh a bit about that one.  It will be super nice to get that stuff, but what’s one more night sleeping on sheets that are safety pinned to mattress because they’ve shrunk smaller than the didn’t fit to begin with size?

Today we head to the school for Lincoln’s 45th anniversary celebration and family picnic.  Some former Black Stars are coming to do a clinic and a “Friendly” against Lincoln’s varsity soccer team and then an afternoon of bouncy houses and fun.  Should be a nice way to wear the kids out a bit.  Maddox already has his Black Stars jersey on and he’s ready to go.

So, although we didn’t get everything I thought we might wrapped up this week, two out of three (assuming our shipment breaks out of the port today) ain’t bad.  We’ll call it a Ghanaian Trifecta and be happy with it.

Maddox watching the big kids outside my room before school
This is the second attempt at a picture of the mule cart we pass once a week on the way to school.  He had just crossed one of the busiest intersections around.

Enjoying some of Tina’s delicious groundnut stew.

A brand new Black Stars jersey and some big grins.

Maddox attended his first birthday party.  It was interesting.

Maddox and his best bud TT playing games.

Matching, Custom made Ghanaian shirts for traditional Friday
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