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The biggest dirt road ever

Its been a long week.  I’m quite glad to have finally made it to the weekend again.  Last weekend came and went before I could even get comfortable on the couch.  In fact, come to think of it, I’m not sure I ever sat on the couch last weekend.  Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Last Saturday was the LCS family picnic and 45th anniversary celebration.  It was fun, but it made for a long, hot day.  We got Maddox there at 10 am for a soccer clinic that included former, and even one current, Black Stars players.  It turned out to be really cool.  Maddox had a blast and the players were all great with the kids.  Abedi Pele who is an absolute legend in Ghana even showed up to sign autographs and hang out for a bit.  It was the equivalent  of Michael Jordan showing up to give some perspective.  People were freaking out.  He played for the Black Stars and also won the European Championship with Marseille.  They eventually played a “friendly” against the Lincoln varsity teams.  I missed that though because by that time (1:00) Josie had arrived and was sleeping in Robyn’s office.  So I tagged out and sat with her for a bit.  I was actually kind of happy to be inside for a few minutes.

After my turn at bouncy house duty I got the call that our shipment was actually on its way to our house!  So Maddox and I dashed to the car and agreed to meet the delivery guys at the Koala (grocery store) around the corner from us.  At least, that what I thought we agreed to…  So we hustle to the Koala that is less than a mile from home, pull in and call the guys. They say they are in the parking lot too, and they are, but they are at the Koala in Osu.  Not the same one.  To be fair, this could happen anywhere.  So they say they’ll figure out where we are and head our way.  Maddox and I go home and peel off our super sweaty clothes and wait for the truck.  I do my best to give them directions when they get close, but a lack of actual posted road names and my poor knowledge of the area other than the three roads I use to get to school and the store make for difficult times.  In the end, Maddox and I jump in the car and go looking for them.  There they are, in front of the Zambian Embassy, just like I told them, except, that’s not where I thought the Zambian embassy was.  Oh well.  We got our stuff.

That was a whole nother round of excitement to pile on top of an already exciting day.  We all kind of plunged into it.  The kids were super excited to get some of their toys and instantly spread them across the house without abandon. We managed to get our kitchen stuff unpacked before tapping out for the night.  It was exciting, and nice to have our stuff, but it was kind of strange too.  We had been fine for the past month with the little bit we had and all of a sudden we had boxes full of stuff.  When I stopped to think about everything that was going on, it was a little weird.  We still have a lot of stuff.

So Sunday we got up and headed to the mall to attempt to get a coffee maker, do some grocery getting, meet a lady so Robyn could buy a lamp and another lady so we could buy some rugs.  The store for coffee makers was closed, (we later found out they don’t even have them) the kids freaked out, the lamp was lame and the rug lady had us “follow” her to her house that was, well, off the biggest dirt road I have ever seen.  Maddox always used to ask where the roads ended, well, I think we found it.  It almost ended twice before we got there.  Paved, paved, dirt, paved, dirt, paved, big freakin dirt road.  I’m talking a dirt road almost as big as an Atlanta freeway.  At least that’s how it seemed.  I will throw in the disclaimer that all I’d had to eat since about 8 that morning was a hobnob and some water and we were pushing for noon by this point.  And did I mention the kids had been particularly freakish this morning?  Anyway we eventually left her house with two papasan chairs some pillows and a shelf.  No rugs.  Whatever.

Then we were headed to a friends house for a brunch with a couple other families, directions in hand.  They were no good.  So we stopped to ask for help and got the classic two guys pointing in opposite directions.  Doh!  Eventually we made it and it was fun.  The kids had a blast.  We played tennis, hung out with good people, swam a bit, ate a bit and headed for home.  Then Robyn turned right around and took Maddox to a birthday party.  Thankfully she let me stay home with a sleeping Josie and rest a bit.

And that was just the weekend!

The week flew by to be quite honest.  Things are picking up.  Maddox had a couple rough mornings and a couple of excellent mornings.  I think its getting better, but Mondays are just going to be rough for a while.  My classes are good, but getting work turned in is quite a challenge.  I think I made my point this week though when I referred 25 kids to Tutorial (that’s a nice way of saying detention).  School is busy.  There’s no two ways about it.  All day every day is at full speed ahead.  Its amazing I find time to keep my fantasy teams together.  I’ve started hanging out with the High School Model United Nations group on Tuesdays and that is turning out to be pretty cool.  The idea is I learn a little bit this semester and then crank up a junior high program in the spring.  Oh, and I get to go to Lisbon in November!  Last night was open house for the upper school.  That made for a long day.  I got to come home for a little over an hour before heading back and didn’t head for home again until nine o’clock.  It was mostly a really good night, but there’s always one.  You know what I mean.

Josie started her career as a Little Explorer this week.  Monday she went for a few hours with Robyn and had a blast.  She impressed everyone when she sat down with a baby doll and “read” her Brown Bear Brown Bear.  Robyn said she was in Josie heaven at school.  Not only do they have a ton of baby dolls, but they also have bathtubs for them.  Get out of town!  She went back today for her first real day and it went well.  There were some tears shed, only by Josie, I’m so proud of Robyn, but she pulled it together in the end and had a great day.  She’s had a busy week with two days of school, a visit to Lincoln for an afternoon, a princess tea party play date and a visit from a friend one day too!  I think she’s really going to love being in school.  She’s ready for it for sure.  She loves to make friends and her little imagination is running like crazy lately.

I finally managed to motivate myself to go on a run here.  I made it two miles around the neighborhood.  We won’t talk about pace at this point.  I so wished that I could run with a camera mounted on my head so I could share the video with you all.  I’m going to qualify it as a trail run even though it was all pavement.  Talk about sensory over load.  There’s traffic to dodge, 67% of which is honking at you, the holes in the road to jump, trash burning, chickens running around, kids playing soccer, random little shops selling fruit, a lady walking around selling brooms, the brand new apartment building being built right next to one that was never finished, fancy houses with elaborate gates next to walls where the gate is falling in.  I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  Oh, and there are a lot more hills than I expected.

We watched the Black Stars World Cup Qualifier yesterday afternoon, which they won.  The guards were outside listening on the radio and everyone, everywhere was around a tv or a radio.  Robyn went for a run during the game and said it was really cool to see people gathered together in little groups watching or listening.  Ghana won and when they scored you could hear cheers and vuvezelas throughout the neighborhood.  I’d share a cheer with the guards my self which they loved.   My favorite part was Tina running into the living room when she heard me call “goal” squealing and jumping up and down.  She’s  one of the quietest and calmest people I know and she had told us she didn’t really like football.  So we got a good laugh when Robyn called her out on it.  She simply said, “Yes, but this is Ghana!”  It truly is a beautiful game.

So this weekend is scheduled to be laid back.  Maddox starts his Saturday soccer clinics tomorrow so we’ll all head over to the school for a couple hours.  The rest of will swim while he gets to do what he loves.  There will be some groceries to get and a couple errands to run, but we’re going to do our best to just enjoy some down time.  

Here’s just a couple of things that serves as reminders of where we are.  Remember the trifecta we were going for a week or so ago?  It included our upgraded internet connectivity.  Yeh, still waiting on that one.  We got a message Monday that it would happen this week.  Its Saturday and still no word.  We got our bank cards for our local accounts this week after a little over a month.  Yippee!  Right?  Well, kind of.  They don’t work.  Apparently they gave them to us, but haven’t activated them yet.  And finally, our school email has been down since Tuesday.  Apparently any email that ends in .gh is down.  I actually had to take a list of names, on a piece of paper and hand it to somebody!  I felt like I should have done my bangs up big and pegged my acid washed jeans before I walked down there.  It is kind of weird not having email at school.  But we survived, for now.

Josie’s private patch of dirt just outside the front door.

Our Shipment!  Christmas in September.

The biggest dirt road ever.

Josie lets Tina do all kinds of stuff to her hair.  This was a three braid night.

Josie finally decided the pool was warm enough and there was no stopping her.

Caught this little bugger in the kitchen.

Car nappin

This is a little bit of the farm that is right around the corner from us.  


Maddox showing the Black Stars his moves and speed.

It was a day full of smiles.

Maddox and his buddy pose with the Lincoln Lion.

Josie napping in Robyn’s office.

Ready for a first visit to Little Explorers

Waiting patiently for her first official day of school.

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