Las Quatro Harwoods

Moving Picture Show

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share just a few videos.  I haven’t done that on here in quite some time.  So here’s a few recent ones from our adventures and just around the house.  Most of these are short and from my Vine account so you may have seen them already.  There are a couple of previously unreleased items on here as well though.

Just a side note.  I decided YouTube seemed the most efficient way to upload and share these.  However, I’m intrigued by the suggestions that materialize at the end of each video.  Just to be clear, none of those that are suggested are mine. Whatever they are I’m sure they aren’t as high quality or contain nearly as entertaining subject matter. 

Maddox’s first presentation in school.  He shared a time line of his life.  He was a little shy at first, but he came around and did a great job.  He was really excited as he made this.  He wrote all the captions for his pictures.

He wouldn’t take these things off if I didn’t make him.  He’s a little excited.

This didn’t come out as great as I’d hoped, but you get the idea.  Staff park their cars around the corner from the school.  There is usually a little more activity along the road and a lot more honking.

It doesn’t matter what the song is, this girl will dance.

I caught the tail end of this one.  She had made several phone calls by the time I got the camera rolling.

This one was on our way back from Sisimbo. It was pretty crazy.  This is the highway.

Maddox and his best bud Ettiene.  They get just a little bit silly when they get together.

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