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Eight days a week

It must have been at least a month since that last post.  No way its only been a little over a week right?  It seems like a life time ago.  I think that was before my kids went away to college and I started wearing nothing but plaid pants as I ride my bike to the fair trade coffee shop that’s down by the trout stream where I sit and watch people go by all day except for the time that I’m in the creek catching big ol’ rainbows.  Wait.  I think I might have drifted there for a minute.  Sorry about that.  You see we had a day off yesterday and I’m a little bit exhausted from it.  Yep, even the days off are exhausting these days.  But, we’ll get to that in a bit.

It really does seem like a long time since The Great Vulcanizer Quest of ’13.  It seems like every day is packed with action, even on the “regular” days.  I don’t think I’ve shared this but here’s our general schedule for the week.  (If you’re a stalker or thief staking out our house, please don’t read any further.)

(everyday we are at school by 7:20)
Monday –  staff meetings after school so Maddox hangs out in Robyn’s office and watches the Cosby show or sits in the library for a bit while we enjoy our meetings.  We get home around 4:45 or so.  Tuesday – Model United Nations for me and sometimes Robyn has a meeting of some sort.  Here Maddox either eagerly observes high school kids debate the future of developing countries or hangs out on the bleachers watching soccer just outside the room.  Sometimes Maddox and Robyn are home by 4, I’m home no earlier than 5. (silver lining here is Tina’s Taco Tuesday!)
Wednesday – G&G  Which means school gets out at 1:10  (Awesome!)  and we have staff development until 3:30 (Awesome!) (that one’s because I think some of my colleagues might read this and I want to show how dedicated I am to my job).  Maddox and Josie and Tina all hang out on campus these afternoons.  I honestly can’t remember why at this point.  I think because once again we were stuck with what to do with Maddox.  It’s a nice change for Josie though and she loves playing with the puppets in Robyn’s office and Tina keeps an eye on Maddox so he can run around a bit more.  Home usually around 4:30
Thursday – not usually meetings.  Home around 4:15
Friday – punk kids better get out of my way cause I’m going home for pizza Friday! Home around 4.

By the way, I don’t mean for this to sound whiny or anything.  Just sharing.  I totally realize people work longer hours and tougher jobs.  This is just our reality in this new land.

Weekends are, of course, a little better, but they fill up quick.  Saturday morning 10-12 is Soccer Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 4 is ultimate frisbee or soccer for me.  Maddox comes too most of the time.  I look forward to the Sunday afternoon games.  It’s good exercise, good people and good competition.  All of this takes place at the school.  So 7 days a week pretty much we’re at the school for some amount of time.  It’s just how it is.

So just to add some context here, it gets dark at 6pm.  So once we get home we have 1.5 hours max to play outside, most days less.  Then you factor in snack time and such and its a little less.  That’s been a little hard to adjust too.  We spend more time inside than we used to for sure.  It’s also a little harder to not have a real yard.  The one patch of decent grass has a light and a tree in the middle of it and it might be a 15ft square.  We do have the pool, but that seems to be a maybe once a week thing on weekdays.  The good thing is there’s plenty of room inside for riding bikes and kicking soccer balls and racing cars and dance parties and all those important things.  No seriously, the kids ride their bikes in here.

Oh, and it is pretty awesome that we can let Maddox hang out more or less on his own or with a buddy on campus.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s never far from us, but he does go to the soccer field by himself to watch or over to the snack shack on his own sometimes.  It is all inside the walls of the school and there are always plenty of people around.  The school is small enough that everyone at least recognizes each other.  I’ve walked up to find Maddox sitting and talking to all kinds of people.  Kids, teachers, parents, it’s pretty cool.  Somebody always offers to keep an eye on him if we need it.  It’s a good feeling of community around the school.  Makes it nice.  There are also guards everywhere.  Not the gun toting kind, but the make sure people are alright kind and they all know us and keep an eye out for us too.  (Robyn even tried to set one of the guards up with Tina).

Oh, and it just got hot today.  Like serious hot.  Here it comes…

Alright.  I’m tired tonight.  I think I’ll stop with that.  I’ll add in some adventure tales this weekend maybe.  I get to go to a workshop about assessments Friday and Saturday so that should add some spice to my life.

Oh, but I am actually excited about Saturday night when I’m supposed to go play music at the British High Commission.  I think that’s what I understood from the invite any way.  Should be fun, or at least interesting.

In the next post, we’ll discuss things like Akwaaba Burgers, Turkenglish, getting measured for a suit during class, big baboons and Presidential underwear.  Til then, I’ll leave you with just one picture to demonstrate the exhaustedness. 

Maddox channels Al Bundy

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