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Fun frights and solar lights

We went to school and Josie got sad because Maddox had to leave, but after a few minutes she was sitting next to her favorite teacher and she was fine.  Then Maddox went to mommy’s office.

That was a little excerpt from a guest contributer.  I sat down to write on this Sunday afternoon while Maddox was playing with Legos and Josie was playing a very educational iPad game (and of course doing exceptionally well) when Maddox took an interest in what I was doing.  He was excited to be a part of the creation of an entry.  At least until he saw how un-exciting it was.  He’s back to his Legos now.

This week was a tough one for me.  I leave to go to Lisbon for a week tomorrow with the Model United Nations group from Lincoln which  is super exciting, but meant a lot of work getting ready.  Being out of school is always more work than being there.  I mean I’m not complaining about a trip to Portugal, just making conversation.  I managed to get two weeks of plans together which means I’m ahead of the game, at least until I get back.  We also had parent conferences this week.  Wednesday we started at 1:30 and went nonstop until 8pm.  That’s a long day, and it was brutal, but good.  Parents were lined up to talk form start to finish.  Then we went again Friday from 8am to 12:30.  Conferences were mostly positive and I talked to some pretty interesting people.

This also meant we had Maddox’s first school conference.  That was actually one of the only breaks I got!  It was really cool to be on the other side of the conference for once.  Maddox’s teacher said he is a great student.  Mrs. Winifred is awesome by the way.  We are so glad that he is in her class and he really responds to her.  I was proud to hear her talk about him and proud of the way he responded to her suggestions for improvement.  It is cool to watch this little guy grow and learn in so many ways these days.

Just an aside here.  I’m sitting in the chair listening to music (Amos Lee, a new favorite) and typing on my iPad and the kids have been focused and playing quietly for the last twenty minutes or so.  I love moments like this.  For the quietude, the independence and just the simple beauty.  Give thanks.

Robyn and Maddox got to visit Josie’s school this week too. That was the story Maddox was trying to relate in his guest contribution.  Robyn had arranged a time to visit when Josie was going to be doing show and tell.  Somehow schedules at the school got rearranged and it ended up she was just going to get to see a little of the room and such at the end of Josie’s day around noon.  It was a day off for Lincoln and Maddox chose to stay home with Tina and Josie.  It was cool that he wanted to stay with them, but it ended up kind of throwing things off because he had to ride along to take Josie to school.  Apparently that didn’t go so well.   Josie did not want Maddox to leave her when they got there and she had a little break down.  It was enough that even Samuel told Robyn it made him sad. 

Eventually Robyn and Maddox went back over to have a visit.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, but I still had parent conferences going on.  Josie was proud to show them around her playground and share all the toys she likes to play with.  Apparently they couldn’t go in her classroom though.  Kind of weird, but that is one of their rules.  They don’t let parents into the classroom because they think it disrupts the authority of the teachers.  Talk about a change from our last daycare…  Robyn wasn’t real happy about that but they made  it work and headed back home for lunch.

In the meantime I caught a cab home and made a stop by the railroad tracks to pick up some dress shoes for my Lisbon trip.   Yep.  The shoe store is an open front store with somewhere near ten thousand shoes on the shelves outside.  Well, nine thousand now because everytime I touched a shoe it fell off.  I eventually just stopped and I think that made them happier.  There was also a giant pile of soccer cleats and sandals in the floor to walk around and several huge bags of shoes waiting for space on the racks.  I’m very interested where they come from, but I felt it might be rude to ask on my first visit.  Patrick, Paulina and their mother helped me find some good shoes.  I told them my size and what I was looking for and mom would come by and toss a pair in front of me and insist I try them on while Patrick helped me do so.  I tried on four or five pairs of shoes, watched a goat trot by, and finally found a good fit.  I also came out of the shop with a belt to match.  So for about fifty five dollars I got a nice pair of brand name shoes, a belt, some new friends and a cool experience.  (I jogged by the shop several hours later on my evening run and Patrick gave me a big wave.)

Finally I have to say a little something about Halloween.  There were two parts to Halloween this year.  One was much more fun than the other.  However you would get quite different answers on which one depending on if you asked the kids or the grown ups.  Thursday we took the kids to the Villagio which is basically a giant, fancy apartment complex nearby.   They had food and treats and an “organized” trick or treating adventure through the apartments.  It was a ton of kids, hot, loud and slightly crazy.  Maddox and Josie had a blast though.  Maddox had a bunch of friends there to run around with and Josie was excited to try to be a part of it all.  She was actually elbowing her way to the front at one point to get some candy.  That’s my girl!  So we made it through and came home with a couple of bags of candy, but no chocolate.  That’s hard to come by here.  

Then last night we headed to “the Alamo” for a Lincoln Halloween party.  The people who put this one together had literally been planing for several months, and it showed.  They had a pretty awesome mini haunted house and an exceptional amount of decorations.  The kids were absolutely freaked out by the haunted house.  Neither one of them even went close to it.  They walked though the entry way that was a really dark and kind of creepy alley beside the house and decided that was enough.  It was dark and everyone had on costumes and Josie was having none of it.  It was pretty funny how she was be-bopping along as we headed to the party, but got real quiet once we got there.  Eventually she came around and more people showed up and she saw that they were just costumes, but it was touch and go the for awhile,  she wouldn’t let go of me.  

The kids finally had fun and then we sent them home with Tina who had come along with us for the evening.  We had planned to get them a taxi with Tina, but as we walked out to find one, the head of the security company that covers all of the Lincoln apartments was there checking on the guards and Robyn asked him if he was going to our place next.  He wasn’t, but he took our kids home anyway.  I’d say that’s a pretty safe way to get your kids home!  We had a great time for the rest of the night.  It was fun to just hang out with people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  There was a good mix of people from the school and everyone was having a good time.  So much so that by the end of the night, everyone was in the pool and still dancing.  I mean everyone, even the dj.  Hilarious.  This place never ceases to amaze me.  At one point I just had to smile as I floated on my back in the pool and looked up at the night sky realizing that it was well after midnight, I was in Ghana, surrounded by fun, interesting people, my kids were safe in bed and being cared for by someone who has quickly grown to love them and they love too.  Good times.

Today was a different kind of day.  Slow to start thanks to a fun night, then realized that our debit card was missing.  Of course that led to ransacking the house before coming to the hopeful conclusion that I possibly left it in the machine at school yesterday.  Fingers crossed on that one. Then we attempted to head to the British high commission club for an eclipse party.  Unfortunately, we were unable to find it after a good bit of random driving.  Fortunately, we ended up at the planetarium, which we later realized was about a quarter mile from our original destination.  Oh well.  We got to see the eclipse and the kids thought it was really cool.  It wasn’t a full eclipse, but  it was still enough to change the light a bit.  Josie was excited to tell everyone she could all about it.  Fun.

Tomorrow night I leave for Lisbon for a week.  I’m excited, but a little sad too.  I haven’t left these little punks for this long ever I guess.  Maddox got sad tonight when I told him, but we agreed to make each other a picture tomorrow to keep with us while I’m gone.  He’s such a sweet boy.  I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am to have such an awesome family.  One love.

Our neighborhood shoe store
A rare quiet moment

Maddox and I made our own checkerboard

This was someone’s Halloween costume…

Josie was proud of the sunshine she made at the planetarium
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