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Sleep walking

So apparently a trading a two and a five year old in Ghana for seventeen fifteen to eighteen year olds in Portugal does not equal a vacation.  I was absolutely exhausted this week.  I don’t have too much to report, because I’m not real sure about what has happened.  I’ll see what I can do though.

After getting in at 9:30 and home after 11 I was not worth a whole lot on Tuesday.  I was happy to be home though and it was good to play with my kids for a bit in the afternoon.  Bed time however was missus reality slapping me in the face with a cast iron frying pan.  Maddox completely flipped out when we had to take the toy that he got in his Kinder Egg away from him.  He just wouldn’t put it away at bed time, so we did.  KABOOM!  I think his little brain exploded or something because it was on like Donkey Kong for the next forty five minutes or so.  Kickin and screamin and runnin and slammin doors and holy guacamole.  I’ve tried to block it from memory as best I could.  At one point when he was banging on the door and kicking walls and such I asked if he thought he would be able to explain all the noise to our upstairs neighbor in the morning.  He got real quiet for a second and I thought I had finally found the kryptonite.  Wrong.  He paused just long enough to consider it and decided it was not an idea that worried him.  Went right back into action. Eventually he just wore himself out I think. I do know that he finally went to sleep.  They look so cute when they sleep.

Josie.  Sweet Josie.  Except for when she decides she doesn’t want something and then screams at the top of her lungs.  Yeh, that’s the phase we’re in right now.  But let’s continue with Tuesday night.  Relative to Maddox she went down pretty easy.  She was tired, but it still involved an extra rocking session, like babies and lullabies not like Van Halen.  So anyway, we get a relative early bedtime ourselves and it seemed as though recovery might be on the horizon.

Enter Sandman.  10:37.  I’ve almost reached that happy place of deep sleep when it all begins.  Josie wakes up screaming.  Not crying, screaming.  Night terror.  Holy blanket busters Batman that scared the bejeezes out of me.  So Robyn takes a shot at consoling her.  (Oh she’s sick at this point by the way.  Robyn, not Josie.  Aches, itchy throat, run down.  Possibly could it have been from exhaustion after a week alone with the kids?)  So it’s just like the old days when Maddox used to get them.  Looking you in the eye with blank eyes crying and screaming.  Nothing we could do but wait it out.  And wait it out.  And wait it out.  And wait it…  sorry.  You get the idea.  What seemed like four hours later, she finally settled down in our bed between us.  That always makes for a good night’s sleep.  For some reason she instantly turns sideways when she falls asleep in our bed and she won’t get under the sheet, just the blanket.  So I get a foot in the back/face and a sheet that I can no longer pull completely over me.  But they are so cute when they’re sleeping.

So Wednesday was a little better.

The rest of the week was afternoons of playing in the pool and shooting for early bed times.  Things got better and we made it to tonight.  The always lovely Friday night.  Took the kids out for pizza tonight at the Escapade.  No Janet Jackson, just pizza.  Maddox had asked if we could go out for pizza again since it had been a long time.  So we did.  The place was just at the end of our road so mighty convenient and it turned out to be pretty good and we only broke one glass.  Josie is still trying to work out the physics behind using a straw.

So I think we’ve made it back to the regular routine.  It was tough on all of us for me to be gone as long as I was.  I think Tuesday was about a readjustment.  At least the Maddox part.  I’d rather not think that Josie had night terrors because I came home.  We’ve got the usual weekend routine going.  Soccer Saturday in the morning for Maddox and pick up soccer for me on Sunday afternoon.  Some groceries and pool time somewhere in the middle there.

Oh, well and this weekend we also get our car fixed up.  Robyn got hit I think Monday before I got home.  Nothing serious.  A guy backed into her on the street and it poked a good hole in our bumper.  So he’s coming to pick it up tomorrow to go get it fixed.  Yeh, that’s just kind of how it works here.  There isn’t a Maaco to take it too.  Who knows where he takes it or how they fix it, but most likely it will come back looking like they did something to it.  He’s the driver for one of the families at Lincoln so there’s that weird web of the kid in the car knew Robyn from school and Robyn knew the kids parents.  Its an interesting place that way.

Oh, I forgot two things.  These actually happened while I was gone, but I need to include them any way.  First is a major mile stone.  Maddox lost his first tooth!  He’s got a good story for it too.  He lost it while at the National Theater watching a Ghanaian production of the Lion King.  Come on now.  Robyn said he was really excited when it fell out.  He had been worrying over it for about two weeks.  I hate I missed it.  Apparently there were some really interesting conversations between him and Josie when he got his payment from the tooth fairy too.  Funny.

The other isn’t quite as big, but just one more pretty cool thing about where we live and work.  Sunday Robyn was exhausted so she took our friend Julie, who just so happens to be Robyn’s boss as well, oh, and my former boss, up on an offer to go to the beach.  They ended up at a pool, but hey.  So when I called that afternoon to talk for a minute, Julie answers the phone because Robyn is in the pool with the kids.  Funny.  It took a bit to process what was happening there.  Apparently, as there is photographic evidence, Josie and Julie got to be buds in the pool.  Funny.  I love that those types of things happen with some regularity here.  The principal of the secondary school, my boss, has bought Maddox popcorn and ice cream for after school snacks a couple of different times.  He even came over to Maddox and me the day before I left and offered, to Maddox, to walk him to class in the mornings if he wanted him to.  And it was genuine.  Now not everything is all rainbows and plates full of fresh baked cookies with a tall glass of ice cold milk, sorry, I lost myself there for a minute, but it is a pretty good place to be.  (As long as you don’t mind the daily blistering heat, dodge the mosquitoes, don’t drink the water and drive really carefully). Thankful.

Sunset over the Sahara on my way home.

Maddox was pumped about his prize

King of the bleachers.  Maddox hangs out and watches soccer while we have meetings or swim or whatever.

Josie and her knew doll Ama.  The waiter at the Escapade helped name her.

She’s got her purse and her doll.  Its gonna be a good night.

Good lovin.

All dressed up and ready for pizza.  (Maddox picked out his own outfit)
Chillin at the Escapade


Pool buddies 4 life
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