Las Quatro Harwoods

Faulty apples

So the fruit here is quite good.  Bananas are a little different.  They can be pretty small, but they still taste good.  Don’t be fooled by the really big ones.  Those are plantains which are much better fried up.  There are some grapes from time to time and I’ve even found that I like the mango.  Of course, then there are the pineapples.  Watch your fingers if your around while I’m eating pineapple.  Tasty.  Just plain tasty.  But apparently the apples don’t work like they are supposed to work.  Maybe it’s because they are all green.  No red apples here.  You see, I know they don’t work because Maddox and Josie eat at least one a day.  Yet we took them both to the doctor this week on consecutive days. Josie had a cough and some asthma stuff going on and Maddox had a cough and a sore throat.  Don’t worry, nobody has the dengue fever or anything.  Just the run of the mill kids getting sick stuff.  Funny enough, on the way to the doctor, Maddox said, “this  is my first time getting sick in Africa”.  Everybody is on the mend now and returning to their normal selves.  It made for a bit of a rough week.  Lots of middle of the night calls from the other room and lots of bed sharing.  Which means lots of feet to the face and a fair share of chin shots in the night.  

The trips to the doc were interesting.  We went to the Nyaho clinic that is just at the bottom of the hill (that qualifies as legitimate directions to find it here by the way) and it was pretty nice. Different, but nice.  The waiting room was basically outside, it’s a covered crosswalk, and the processes are different for checking in and such.  It goes kind of like this: fill out the papers, sit down, get a card with your name on it, sit down, pay for services, sit down, go to the temperature room to get your temperature taken, get a little scrap of paper with a number on it and a signature, go to a different waiting room, watch Ghanaian hospital soap opera, see the doctor who sits at a desk while he listens to Norah Jones on his tablet and the nurse (i guess) sits at a table behind us and doesn’t speak, get prescription, pay for it at the cashier who runs the two bills you hand her through a money counter, (drugs were pretty cheap by the way) get receipt, give it to the pharmacist, get your medicine, go home.  Its different, but both doctors we saw, one pediatrician and one general practitioner, were really nice and helpful.  A good experience so far and good that it is so close by.

Josie took part in her first stage production at her school.  She absolutely killed it of course.  The reviews were outstanding.  Roses thrown, all that good stuff.  Ha.  I actually didn’t get to go, but I’ve seen the highlight reel.  Robyn went solo this time.  We had both planned to go, but with it being at 10am which is not entirely conducive to the working parent’s schedule and with the information leaked that it was a multi-hour show, we decided she would take this one.  I’ll go to the spring production.  She sang her part of the 12 Days of Christmas like a champ.  Then headed out.  Sort of like a trip to Carowinds.  Long wait, short reward, but still pretty cool, and of course we’ll go back again.

She absolutely loves school.  She talks about her friends and circle time and “ativities” all the time.  I’m pretty sure she’s the smartest one there too.  I mean, she’s already getting promoted to the next room.  She has to be a genius right?  Moving up to the next color after just a few months.  She’ll be getting Montessori schools named after her before long.  Ha.  She really is eating it up though, and she surprises us all the time with new words and phrases.  She constantly makes me laugh.  Well, except when she’s screaming or swatting at me or something.  I mean she is almost three.  Wow.  Almost three.  Pretty crazy.  Cliché about growing kids goes here.

Maddox is taking care of business at school too.  He’s in the midst of a letter writing unit and he can’t write enough.  His spelling is getting better as he goes, and it really is fun to decipher his phonetic writing.  He’s pretty good.  It is absolutely awesome to see his class walking around campus with one kid in the front who has a postman hat on and a bag of letters on his shoulder.  You see they have partnered up with the teachers to exchange letters.  So about once a week they tour campus delivering.  One poor little guy came in to deliver a letter to me during my 9th grade class.  He was greeted by a chorus of “awwwwwws” from the girls.  Maddox stood outside and watched through the glass.  He knew better.  

As for Robyn and I, we’re stying busy and enjoying the challenge.  She’s leading lots of kids’ groups, going into classes, counseling and even teaching a parenting class.  She’s in high demand around the school.  Everywhere we go the kids say hi to her.  She’s like a rock star among the elementary kids.  Pretty cool.  I’m staying just ahead of the kids in my classes.  Three preps at a new school is no joke.  I’m enjoying it though.  We just signed up for some summer professional development that we are both pretty excited about.  Robyn will start working on an international counselor’s certificate and I’m going to start working on an administration certificate both through the PTC.  I’m not ready to quit the classroom yet, but it takes some time to do this and we’re trying to think of it as planning ahead a bit.  We’ll be in Miami for a couple weeks during the summer, so that could be pretty cool.  We’ve heard good things about the program so, fingers crossed.

Alright.  Looks like free time has elapsed.  Josie has lost interest in her movie and is back to chasing her balloon around the house.  Maddox and Robyn are at a birthday party this afternoon at the American Embassy.  So I got to rest a bit while Josie napped.  Its game time again.

Josie in the waiting room at the doc’s office

Yep, that’s a stick Josie tried to fix the ladder with.  There’s a different level to some playgrounds around here.

Christmas at the mall!

The star exits stage left.

A rare night out for Robyn and me.
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