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Zombies at 30000 feet

 So I have no idea what time it really is relative to where I am, where I left or where I’m going.  I’ve had about three hours of sleep, two cups of coffee, a Turkish ham, egg and cheese on Texas toast, part of a blueberry muffin, some hazelnuts and a GnT today.  I feel about as spongy as the one who lives under the sea, you know who I’m talking bout. I’ve got a couple of good layers of sweat, we’re in the kids club section of the plane where it isn’t the Wailers wailin and we’ve got at least eight hours left to go.  Robyn and Maddox are playing cards and Josie is passed out in the seat next to me leaning her head on my hip, so I’m typing with my left elbow held up nice and high, real awkward like,    but I couldn’t be happier.  This  is my life.  This  is my family.  This is awesome.  

We ended up just passing the Istanbul layover in the airport.  We were just too tired to try and get out and see things, but the kids were cool and it went by relatively fast.  We’ll have more time for that on the way back with the twenty plus hour layover.  Turkish Air puts Delta to shame and so far it’s worth the extra travel time.  Granted its early and we still have a drive from DC, but I’m optimistic for now.  We just got nice little tins filled with toothbrushes, lip balm, eye masks and footy socks and last nights flight the seats were spacious and comfy.  I’ve watched a movie already, Maddox has watched about six, and we got a menu for lunch.  A menu.  Oh, and Maddox is getting a cool geography lesson as we watch the map of our route on the screens.

There are few things more beautiful than the four brown eyes in the seats next to me or the giggles that the two kids to which they belong can produce when they are happy.  I’ve heard those giggles a lot over the last few days and that makes me happy.  Josie absolutely loved the airports.  Accra had a Santa that sang and danced which made the couple of hours early that we arrived pass in a flash, and Istanbul had magic sidewalks that we rode over and over.  It hasn’t been perfect and it hasn’t been easy and it’s not over yet, but it is pretty cool.  I’m excited about the opportunities we’ve given these kids.  

The last week was a little crazy and hectic.  There was an issue with the car, there were grades due, there were essays to grade so the grades could get due and then there was the usual life with two kids to deal with.  But we made it through and even had some fun along the way.

For the last week we also had no tv or Internet.  Yeh,  hard core right?  We gave up the tv a long time ago.  We were paying too much for not enough of anything.  Just didn’t make sense.  So we reinvested our money in shows for the kids on iTunes and just relied on the Apple TV.  Then we found out that our internet bill was due because it stopped working.  They don’t believe in sending out bills in Accra it seems.  By the time we figured out everything we needed and where to go to pay we only had a few days left so we just let it go.  Yeh, no online payments or automatic drafts either.  You have to actually go to an office and pay.  Takes me back to the old days.  I think I was in college the last time I had to physically pay a bill.  But that’s not the point here.  The kids did a lot more drawing and just playing around this week.  It was quiet around the house at night and Robyn and I read books or sat on the couch and talked at night.  Ok maybe I played some FIFA on the iPad too, but you get the idea.  It was nice.  I totally plan on having it reconnected when we get back though.  I mean, I’m not trying to be a hero here.

Approximately four hours later…  Still in the air.  Looks like we are somewhere over Greenland.  This part should go faster since  it’s downhill from here right?  Kids are hanging in, Robyn is sleeping and I think I slept for an hour or so at some point.  Not the most peaceful or comfortable places to sleep.  

The last week at school was interesting.  Classes got smaller on the daily as kids left town early on vacation.  It was pretty interesting to hear all the different places they were going.  Literally across the world. Maddox had a couple of parties and such.  On the last day his teacher, Mrs. Winnifred, gave hugs to the class as they were leaving.  He got his early then followed her around the class to get another one, and gave her a big ol squeeze.  He absolutely loves her.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  We were in the pool one afternoon this week talking  about the things we’d miss while we were visiting the States and his list included school.  I think she’s a big reason for that.

A couple days later now and I’ll finally wrap this one up.  We made it to Elon after a night in a hotel somewhere near Richmond after a slight detour to Maryland.  I’m just not used to these fancy road signs and stuff.  I guess I got a little confused. The kids were absolute rock stars throughout the whole trip.  I was pleased.  Now we are just waiting for the internal clocks to reset so we might can get a full night of sleep.  I still have that slightly spongy, blurry headed feeling.  Both kids were up around 3:30am and we played a little musical beds before they got kind of back to sleep.  I’m not sure Josie ever actually went back to sleep.  Part jet leg part jacked up to be with grandmama and pops.  I think Maddox’s cheeks have to be sore from his permagrin he’s had for the past two days.  They are both excited to be around family and the promise of a few presents and such probably adds to the excitement just a little bit too.

So life is good right now.  Perhaps a little foggy but good.  
One last bit of sillies with Rory at the Lincoln holiday lunch

Ready to travel with Miss Julie!

Excited travelers in Accra

We get our own screen!

Passing the time playing cards

Sacked out
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