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Interesting times with lessons around every corner.  Sitting at the beach right now while Maddox and Robyn play football and Josie pretends to be the shopkeeper.  I just had some chocolate chip, strawberry, mustard, honey and blueberry ice cream.  Okay.  Maybe not really, but I sure pretended like it was delicious.

Insert one week.  One pretty amazing week.
I’ve got to say.  I’m lucky to live in a place that teaches me something new just about every time I walk out the front door.  The past week at school we had the 2014 African Internation School Association (AISA) Global Issues Service Summit (GISS) conference.  This was a conference of over 150 kids from all over Africa, completely organized by students at Lincoln.  It was amazing.  It is a powerful thing to see the high school students excited about discussing global issues and sharing their projects that address issues in their own communities.  I was incredibly impressed by the Lincoln students who worked tirelessly over the three days to make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible.  Give kids something they are passionate about and a chance to prove themselves and they will rise to the occasion.  I’m convinced.


I was lucky enough to get to listen to three of the six keynote speakers including Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise, Fred Deegbe of Heel the World & a Lincoln Alumnus, Mariatu Kamara a UNICEF Special Ambassador and survivor of the civil war in Sierra Leone.  Each of them had their own amazing and inspirational stories of perseverance and success. 


Stick with me on this next one.  I know it has the potential to sound a little odd.  Maybe even pretentious, but it’s all in context.  We have a new driver you see.  There’s a sentence I never really thought would be a part of this blog, but there it is.  I’m not going to go into justifying it, its just part of our life.  We’ve had some driver adventures so far, including one that worked for us for less than 8 hours and it cost him 130 GHS.  We’ll leave it at that.  


Anyway.  Enter Eddie.  So far he has been awesome.  Yeh, he can drive a car safe and all that, but it goes much deeper.  You see he’s the one that helps make sure My Sweet One gets to and from her school safely every day.  You may not know this, but she’s a little shy around new people.  It was less than two weeks before she was laughing and talking about Eddie though.  He keeps a close eye on her and gives us the first report on her day when he picks us up.  Yesterday, I was talking to a colleague on campus after school and Maddox was trying to interrupt.  Eddie was standing nearby and he simply reached down and took Maddox’s hand and said, “Let’s go watch some football”.  Off they walked, hand in hand to watch the boys practice.  Beautiful.  He stayed one evening after bringing us home and kicked with Maddox in the yard for at least forty-five minutes.  Oh and when he took Maddox to a play date with a friend, he played with them outside.  Today, I drove home and Eddie stayed to play in the staff Tuesday pick up game.  I was frustrated to have a hurt ankle and not be able to play, but I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the match for a few minutes.

Insert almost another whole week since that last sentence.  Time just slips away from me.  I’m not even going to try to summarize it all.  I think I’ve written enough for this entry.  I’ve got a million more things I want to say, but I’ll save that for later.  The kids are almost out for the night.  Maddox went to bed exhausted at dinner time, without eating.  Not necessarily a good thing.  Fingers crossed he’s just wiped out and not about to be sick.  Too much life to live out there to have to stay home sick!  (He was sick by the way and he absolutely loved his day home from school playing with his sister.  Thankfully the puking only lasted a couple hours.  The sick day was more recovery than sickness.)

My Sweet One all sacked out
We’ve been out cruising the neighborhood on our new bikes on Sunday mornings when there’s no traffic.
That’s our car at the local garage.
Maddox and his teacher Mrs. Winifred.  He absolutely loves her.
Maddox and Eddie headed to the car.
International Day festivities at Lincoln.
Date night.
Maddox singing the World is Ours for the Tema students.  He’s loves it, but he’s just not a performer.
Robyn talking to our KG kids and the Community Eleven School kids at the end of their visit.  A fantastic day.


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