Las Quatro Harwoods

Stompin Divots

So I’ve got a car for sale.  Let me know if you’re interested.  Fresh paint, new plugs its pretty nice.  Of course shipping and handling is extra.  But we can deal with the details if you’re really interested.

Yeh.  That’s pretty much what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks.  You see we’ve bought ourselves a little bit of an upgrade car here.  Bought it off the internet from a seemingly nice lady who is about to move out of the country.  Sounds sketchy, I know, but that’s how we did it.  Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about the part where we had to write a big ol check for it and then wait for the paperwork to get through the DVLA.  I had a few, what if we’ve been suckered moments, but I think it all worked out.  We have the paperwork now and she’s got the money.  It only took a little over a week to make the transaction complete.  You know, just standard car buying procedures.  I can’t even get into all of it.  It has been so exhausting I think I just need to let it go.  Short version goes like this.  Negotiate via text and email for several days, agree on a price, transfer money from US account to Ghana account, write check, get keys but no papers, check is refused, try wire transfer, wire transfer is refused because the check cleared, wait three days for the money to show in the other account, make lots of phone calls to determine this is actually true, get paperwork in small doses over the course of three to four days, return small doses in order to get full papers, wait through the weekend, receive papers and cross fingers its really all the stuff you need.  Ok.  Now that I’ve talked through it, I guess that was actually pretty easy.  Whatever.  We are cruising town in a car that rolls in all directions and feels a little safer now.  Not that anything was wrong with the other car, I mean if you are really interested in buying it.

So we went to the Polo Club this weekend.  Right?  You didn’t know we rolled like that now did you?  Ok, so it was free and there was a bouncy house that had seen better days and Maddox may or may not have noticed there were guys riding horses since he played soccer the entire time with about twenty some kids.  But we were there.  It wasn’t something I had ever really thought about, but it was free and some people we knew were going, so why not?  It is literally five minutes from our house so we couldn’t really pass it up could we?

The kids had a blast, running around and eating free cotton candy and we, well, watched polo.  Which is kind of cool I guess.  Or at least it was when they charged right by us within about 5 yards.  Oh and the time the dog got on the field and chased the horses was pretty exciting too.  So basically it was the perfect way for us to visit a Polo Club.  We also got to do the divot stompin thing which was kind of pointless since there wasn’t a lot grass on the field anyway.  It was mostly really fine dirt with some pretty hearty stomped down weeds.  That’s kind of the usual grass around here.  But we walked around and pretended because that’s what the guy on the microphone with the Carlton Banks voice told us to do.  Ghana beat Uganda by the way.  Seven and a half to 4 or something like that.  There was some talk of handicaps and things creating the half point, but I couldn’t really let myself get too interested.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get the chance to play any time soon or anything, so I think it’s alright.

Sunday we headed over to the botanical gardens in Legon.  It’s only about twenty minutes or so away so its perfect for a morning outing.  By the way, go ahead and forget that picture of the botanical gardens you have in your head, because this one didn’t look like that one.  It was really cool, but just not what you’re thinking about.  We didn’t get to explore the whole thing, since we got a late start and it was blazing hot, but this was a scouting trip anyway.  ( said it was 91 but felt like 105.  Serious)  There was a little playground at the entrance where we spent a good portion of our time.  It had the coolest see saw ever.  Basically it could put you about fifteen feet in the air and spun too.  Nice.  Then there were a couple of picnic shelterish kind of places, a restaurant in some state of construction or disrepair, a cage with some monkeys in it and some really nice trails through the woods and around a little pond.  And by woods I mean jungle style not loblolly pines or anything.  When we go back we’ll take some bikes and check it out a little better.

The kids are thriving.  Josie spends her days at school “doing activities” which I’m quite sure have to include memorization exercises since she can sing the entire Frozen soundtrack from memory.  For real.  Ok, so I know that’s not what she does but sometimes I wonder how her little brain works.  They actually do some cool stuff at school and every now and then Josie lets fly with a summary of the day or maybe the last week or it might include some stuff from when we were in the states too.  Sometimes it isn’t quite clear, but she tells it with true emotion and passion so its pretty cool.  She makes us laugh everyday and I love getting my afternoon hugs from her as she runs to the door in her princess costume.  Except, of course, for the days when she won’t pay us any attention when we get home because she’s having fun with Tina.  She continues to develop into quite a little independent girl with a fascinating imagination and some pretty good comedic instincts.  She definitely likes to put on a little show from time to time.  Wonder who she gets that from?

Maddox lost his second tooth tonight.  Which reminds me we need to get that mug out from under his pillow before we go to bed.  We’ll give him Cedi for it which is pretty cool cause that only costs us like $0.43 with the exchange rate.  Tooth fairy makes bank over here.  Maddox has a pretty much one track mind these days.  All he wants to do is play soccer.  He’s even started playing on Thursdays at really nice pitch in Dzorwulu (just say Joor Loo) that is turf.  I’m a little jealous he gets to play there.  So that makes three formal days a week and then all kinds of other time he can talk somebody in to kickin with him.  Oh, wait.  Two track mind.  He’s also pretty sure that he’s going to be a skater.  He’s been watching lots of Tony Hawk and friends videos lately.  He told me in the car the other day that he knew he could do all those tricks if he just believed in himself.  True little buddy.  True.

As for us old folks, I turn 39 on Wednesday.  Crazy, I know what you’re thinking.  He looks 27 at most.  I get it all the time.  Thanks.  I appreciate that.  But seriously, it is kind of cool.  I wonder what 27 year old me would have said if you told him he’d celebrate his 39th birthday in Ghana.

Life is good here.  It gets hard sometimes and frustrating too, but then the people at the corner shop ask where you’ve been lately, or Lucky, the guide from the mountains a few weeks ago, calls just to say hello and check on your family, and Eddie takes a little extra time to help Maddox because he’s upset and Josie yells through the floor to tell Tina how much she likes dinner after she’s left and Robyn laughs and smiles and everything just feels right.

Its not where but who you’re with that really matters.

One love.


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