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A long, beautiful walk

Alright. I started out with a mission to play some guitar tonight, but that just didn’t work out.  So, next best thing right?

It has been a pretty fantastic week or so here in Accra.  Minus this weird back pain that I’m going to assume is something like the infamous back spasms that get MLB players a night or two off from time to time.  Yeh, but I’m not going on the DL like that. I’ve still showed up for my weekly pickup games.  (Just in case you’re reading this Jimmy).  Oh and the two trips to the doctor with Josie both after 7 pm weren’t exactly the most fun, but they did allow for some quality time with just me and my girl.

So let’s go to the tapes.

I’ll start with some rare moments on my own this week.  One day last week the stars aligned in such a way that I was left at school all on my own at dismissal without a car.  The usual logic would tell me to hop a taxi for the ride home, but my boots were itching for some adventure.  Ok, they were Birkenstocks, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.  So I ditched the heavier contents of my bag and hit the pavement for a walk home.  I could write about this for days so I’m going to summarize like this – I passed goats, found a music store in a big shipping container by the road, got some good natured heckling from some school kids, eye balled by most everybody, honked at by every taxi, every taxi, a sales pitch for a gospel CD from the guy walking next to the van blaring the music, watched a bit of a football practice, attempted to cross the creek but the water was too high, discussed this development with a guy on the other side, took a detour through the church/school, saw kids standing in ranks with wooden guns drilling as cadets, learned that from the school girl I talked to, danced with a maybe 6 year old girl as I crossed the tracks and lost about fifteen pounds in sweat.  It was fantastic.  I can’t wait to do it again.

The not so cool will go here in the middle.  Then we’ll get back to the fun stuff.  As I mentioned earlier, Josie and I spent some father, daughter time at the clinic this week.  Luckily there is a 24 hr clinic at the bottom of the hill that seems to be pretty good.  It is always a little bit of an adventure, but that’s mostly because I’m still trying to figure out the system, not because it is sketchy or anything.  The staff and doctors have all been super friendly and professional.  I’ve been pleased.  So the short version is she had little UTI last week and then a weird rash all over her this week.  Suspect that the rash might have to do with the medicine she took for the first incident.  But can’t be positive about that one.  My sweet one is a trooper though and she approaches the doctor’s office like a mini vacation.  She talked my ear off both times.  It was actually kind of fun except for the being scared because she had a fever and or weird rash kind of thing going on.  Oh and I got to help her get a urine sample.  Ever done that with a three year old?  Yeh.  It went pretty much just like you’re thinking it did.  Thankfully nothing major either time.  There’s always that little bit of nervousness that goes along with your kid getting sick you know.  Then for some reason it kind of gets multiplied when you’re living in a different country.

Alright.  Lets move along.  The other one had a big ol birthday this week, and he lost two teeth in the last two weeks as well.  Which brought about some very thoughtful inquiry as he tried to decipher why the tooth fairy gave him a one cedi coin the first time and a one cedi bill the next.  Funny.  So he turned six and we had a blow out birthday party at the only logical place for my little buddy, the Dzorwulu pitch.  We hired his coaches from Lincoln to come run some drills and games and invited all his football playing buddies.  It was an absolute blast.  As soon as all the 5 to 8 year old kids got there, they divided themselves into even teams, discussed the rules and played two clean forty-five minute halves.  They agreed to no stoppage times and a tie would be settled with penalties.  Either that or they ran crazy on the pitch taking shots and chasing each other until George and Edem got them organized.  Either way it was fun to watch them having so much fun.  We also managed to work in a parents versus kids game.  I managed to draw a penalty late in the game, but manage saved the PK.  What a hero!  After two hours of intense action, Maddox went with me to my Sunday afternoon pick up game and played some more.  I was dragging, but he was still going full speed. I swear he never stops.

Two other highlights from his birthday weekend included a visit from Tina’s little brother Edmund.  He and Maddox had a great time playing together and we took him along to see the MS production of Alice in Wonderland.  And Mrs. Winifred dedicated a song to him on the radio on his birthday.  I wish you all could have seen his little eyes light up. Oh and one more thing.  Robyn and Tina made cupcakes to take in for his class on Friday and apparently the tradition is the birthday kid gets to pick the two kids who sit next to him while they eat.  He picked his buddy Lucas and Rabia, a little girl in his class.  Playa! But seriously, it was super cute.

I have to do a little of the required reminiscing here.  My boy is six!  We had a good time talking about our favorite Maddox memories at the dinner table and Robyn and I laughed about how ridiculously easy it has all been.  Ha!  I couldn’t be a prouder papa.

These posts always seem to ramble on a little.  I apologize for that.  It’s partly because there seems to be a good bit going on that I want to share and remember and partly that I always seem to start this kind of late at night so I get somewhat delirious (it took me three times to spell that right) as I write.  But I read somewhere that we are actually more creative when we are tired.  You’re going to have to trust me on that one.  I’m not hunting down the article.  I probably read it late at night anyway so…

Spring break is next week.  Got some adventures lined up.  Should be fun.  Don’t worry, I’ll share when its done. Then its only six weeks or so til summer time and a trip across the pond is in order.  So we’ll be seeing some of you soon!

One love.


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