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Spring Break Part II

This will be a quick one.  I promise.  You’ve earned it. We’ve wrapped up Spring Break.  Well, almost.  Robyn is fixing our last meal of freedom and the kids are playing in the living room waiting for the grilled cheese extravaganza.  I don’t think I could have asked for a much better break.

We spread our travels out across a couple of regions of Ghana, spent it all together as a family and spent some good time with friends.  There may have been bigger and more adventurous Spring Breaks, but I’m thankful for this one. We wrapped up the travels at Sankofa Beach house once the kids were back to at least ninety-five percent.  Our three nights starting on Thursday changed to three nights starting on Friday and ended with two nights ending on Sunday.  The beach was fantastic, if a little trashy, but the waves were excellent and the sun was sunshiny.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  (The kids are now playing right next to me.  Like, right next to me.  Maddox is leaning on me playing with his legos and Josie is hiding her Polly Pocket in Living Buddah, Living Christ.  There’s probably some kind of existential metaphor there, but I’ll leave it be).  We had a fun Easter morning thanks to the Luicks and their embassy mail service connections.  The kids got big ol’ baskets of candy and toys and hunted for about ten bajillion eggs, filled with more candy, around the grounds of Sankofa.  Which we have since hidden about thirty bajillion times around here.  Of course also thanks to them, for the last couple of days seven out of ten of our conversations have revolved around requests for candy.

Just about six weeks left until summer rolls around.  We spent a little time planning for that today as well.  Trying to figure out flights and rooms and trains and castles in the UK as well as around the States.  Should be a fun summer.  It’s hard to believe our first year here is coming to a close. Alright.  I promised it would be a short one so I won’t get all philosophicalistic here.  Enjoy some pictures.

One Love.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Break Part II

  1. Marj Bennett on said:

    You don’t know me but I’m on your parents’ email list . And I like your blogs, etc. I have been many places in the world but never in your part of Africa so please keep them coming !as I’ll not be able to do any more travelling like that. I’m on oxygen 24/7 and so can’t fly. Guess I could come by sail boat. ha ha 🙂 Marj Bennett

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