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Ballet, Beads and BBQs

Josie started dance classes last week.  I’m going to let that sit there so you can think about it a minute.  When we signed her up, ok, we didn’t actually sign her up, we just showed up and paid when it was over.  Seriously, Josie handed her teacher a twenty at the end.  Yeh, we live in Ghana.  That’s how it works.  Sorry, I digress.  So when we decided to start taking her, I had a moment of depression as I thought of all the ridiculously long dance recitals I’d have to sit through.  But then two things happened that instantly brought a smile to my face and all those scary feelings pirouetted off, stage left.  I remembered we lived in Ghana you see, and the dance class is in a Yoga studio next to the train tracks in a location where, if it rained hard enough, you just might need four wheel drive to get to it.  It’s not a major money making dance studio, its a lady who teaches about ten kids on Saturday mornings.

Second, we got in the car to go to the lesson.  That little girl sitting in the backseat in her dance outfit literally squealing with glee sealed it.  I’d sit through whatever I had to for that sweet one.  I thought she might explode if I didn’t get there on time.  She is so freakin excited to be taking dance classes.  I think she asks at least once a day if tomorrow is the day she has her class.  We’ve even resorted to a few YouTube dance lessons for her.  And, I’m sorry to inform you as you may have other opinions, but she’s the cutest stinkin kid on the face of the earth in that dance class.  Even Maddox had fun watching her dance after he griped about having to go along all morning long.

So there you have it.  We’ve got a little dancer girl.  Robyn even signed her up for a week of dance camp this summer while we are in the states.  I can’t wait to see how that goes.

Signed Maddox up for soccer camp too.  I still wish I could sign up for camp this summer.  Although, if we’re honest here, I’m not sure I could even survive the half day camp.  He’s pretty excited though.  It’s been pretty fantastic to see how much he has improved over the course of the year.  He routinely ends up kicking around with some older kids on campus at some point and either wows or almost hurts them with his shots. He doesn’t want to do much else.  Well, except Legos, and reading, and playing on the iPad and watching movies and, well, you know what I mean.

He gave his final presentation of the year in KG today.  Yeh, I said it.  Final presentation.  Now, I’ve never had a kid in KG anywhere else, and its been the better part of a quarter century since I was in the ol nap time and glue stick grade, but I sure don’t remember any presentations.  Its super cool that the kids take turns at the end of the day once a quarter presenting to their class.  You’d think they’d be horrified, and maybe some of them are, but Maddox seems to love the attention, and I’ve watched several other kids presentations through the window as I waited in the afternoon. They even try to schedule them so parents can attend.  Love it.

Lets see.  Otherwise its been a pretty straight forward week or so.  Well except for the father son trip to the clinic for the weird rash that Maddox got from the beach where the doc told me it might be measles as I sat next to him trying to stay calm and focused through my thirty-eight point seven degree Celsius (cause that’s what they use here) temperature that I was enjoying at the time.  That’s roughly 102 for those of you trying to do the conversion.  The second opinion the next day laughed and said it was some type of allergic reaction from the beach and my fever mostly dissipated into my sheets that night, if you know what I mean.  (I mean I sweated until we had to change the sheets, in case you don’t know what I mean).  I still had a couple days off from school though.  Sick sucks.  But everybody is fine.  Don’t worry.

Oh, and I guess the quest for charcoal was kind of interesting too.   You see we bought a grill for Robyn’s birthday party, she’s 24 now, wink wink, and then had to figure out where to get some Kingsford Matchlight right?  (I’ll get back to the grill purchase in a minute). So according to the guards at the bank, I had to ask somebody, you get it at the police barracks.  Hmm… So perhaps you’ve heard a bit about the police in developing countries, so I can’t say I was super excited to head into this one, but I was curious how this would work.  It goes kind of like this.  I pull into the barracks, which are just that, a bunch of apartments where the policemen and their families live, and park next to the forty or so wrecked or broken-down cars in the middle of the compound.  I get out and look around, hear the music stop and the record scratch as all the heads turn to me.  (Nah, not really, but I did feel a bit out of place.  To be fair, everybody was nice to me).  So I ask the first guy and he says the restaurant and points.  I don’t see a restaurant but there is a shop of sorts and I ask there.  She points to a door where a lady is feeding a baby.  I ask her and she points across the parking lot of doom.  I head that way and ask another guy.  He says all the way past the buses to the other end of the compound.  You see this is a pretty big place.  Several buildings of apartments, and yes, for some reason there are a couple of big trucks and two or three tour type buses.  I make it to the other side and ask again and that guy has no idea what I’m talking about, but the guy that happens to be walking by understands and points me one more time in the “right” direction.  Jackpot.  After some heavy conversation in Twi, which I was not a part of, and laughter, which I was not part of, a young lady tells me one cedi per bag.  I take three and head back to my car.  So for about a buck twenty-five I get enough charcoal, like hand made stuff, for three or four grilling sessions and a story to boot!  Pretty cool.

Oh, the grill.  I’ll keep that short.  We bought from an iron works guy, Boat as in Boateng, in Dzorwulu on the way to school.  He had one almost finished at about 11 Thursday morning and he finished it up for us by 4:30 for our party.  Custom made for less than seventy-five bucks.  Oh, and I took it back today for him to finish it off with a coat of paint and smooth out some rough spots.  That’s service there.  It’s nothing fancy but I cooked some tasty vittles on it last night.

So maybe we had a few adventures this week.  Hope you did too.

One love.

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