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I just played in the World Cup

For real.  You see, a couple of days ago I played football with Jimmy Conrad who played for the USA in the 2006 World Cup.  Therefore, I have relativeataly played in the World Cup.  That’s how the theory of relativity works right? Oh, come to think of it, I’ve played in the Olympics now too.  The former Black Stars captain, Joe Addo, played with us too.  I know. You’re impressed.  Don’t worry, I’m still the same old me.  I haven’t let it go to my head.

So here’s the story. I think its pretty cool.  Oh, and this is all about me.  Kids will be back in action next week.  You know, contracts and stuff.  They have to have a break from time to time.

So it went a little something like this. Some time in the last couple of years or so I started using this thing called Twitter.  I got kind of into it when I got responses from the likes of Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman.   I mean really, where else can you have conversations with relatively famous people right?  Eventually I managed to Tweet my way into the KickTV ultras (which meant some free stickers and a Tshirt.  Holla!) and get some responses from Jimmy Conrad himself.  Then I moved to Ghana.

I continued my Twitterishness and learned not only to use it for entertainment but also for professional development.  Cool, but not quite as interesting.  So back to the story.  I kept up my “relationship” with Jimmy and KickTV through some regular comments, Tweets and such then as luck would have it, Group G came about.

If you live under a rock, or perhaps suffer from tough guys don’t like that kind of football syndrome, then let me explain this to you.  The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world.  Wait.  Don’t even say it.  Cause Super Bowl Smuper Dole and the “World Series” only includes the US and Canada..  Can I continue now?  So once countries are qualified they are put into groups for the first round.  Group G is Germany, Portugal, USA (I believe, I believe, I believe that we can win – had to do that) and Ghana.

So of course I invite Jimmy to come stay with me and check out Ghana to preview the Black Stars before the World Cup.  Silence, but turns out great minds…  So he finally lets me know he’s coming, cause we’re friends you see, and I begin to pester him to come play in our Tuesday pick up game at school.  Now, if I’m honest, I’m really not sure if I ever thought he would really show up.  I definitely thought about how freakin cool it would be, but I didn’t want my heart broken.

Eventually, my buddy wishes me a Happy Birthday and lets me know he’ll be in Accra in May and he’s in to play.  HOLY CRAP!  May rolls around and I’m playing it cool, cause you know, don’t want to scare my new friend away or anything.  Then last Saturday he posts a picture at the National Stadium!  He’s a week early!  And he didn’t call me.  But don’t worry, my feelings weren’t hurt.  He’s a busy guy.  I just jumped on the old Twitter machine, asked how he could come to town and not call me and invited him over for kabobs on the grill.  He declined, but replied and confirmed he was coming on Tuesday.  HOLY SOCCER STARS BATMAN!

I’ll shorten it up here and say it was slightly surreal when he and his boys pulled up at school and I said, “Hey Jimmy!”  To which I got a, “What’s up Ryan.”  Friends, united at last.  But for real though, he was super cool.  We chatted about the school, I gave them a nickel tour, and we went and kicked a ball around a bit and talked some more about life, family, MLS, KickTV and all kinds of random stuff while we waited for everybody else to show up.  Then we played a game with twenty-one of my friends. Well, really like fifteen cause some new dudes showed up, but hey, that’s cool.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to say they had played in the World Cup?

When it was all said and done we took a team pic and then huddled up and he shot some interview footage for his show.  So sometime in the next few weeks, we’ll be famous.  YouTube famous, but I’ll take it.

So yeh, I moved to Ghana and got to play football with Jimmy Conrad and Joe Addo.  I never knew playing in the World Cup would be so freakin cool.

Thank you Twitter.

Oh and Jimmy, if you ever accidentally stumble upon and read this, I’m just kidding on all the kind of creepy stuff.  Just makes it more entertaining.  We’re still buds right?

One Love.


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3 thoughts on “I just played in the World Cup

  1. It was so fun! Thanks for making it possible, Ryan, Jimmy and of course Twitter. 🙂

  2. Cam Williams on said:


    We’re really enjoying experiencing Ghana via your messages to the US. It sounds, and looks, as if Africa is agreeing with you and all your family! What a wonderful opportunity for all of you!

    Dean, Cam and the dogs

    P.S. It’s nice to realize that we know a ” World-Cupper”!

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