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This week in Accra…

Right now I’m sitting on the “bleachers” at the Dzworulu pitch rockin to some techno music while Maddox and his buddies enjoy a soccer themed birthday party. Yeh, I’m just chilling with all the other drivers and nannies.  (To be fair it is only four o’clock but it still seems to kind of be this way at parties).  And by chilling with them I mean sitting relatively near while they converse in Twi and (just realized I still had my ID tag around my neck) I watch the action.

Anyway. Since Jimmy left it’s been back to life as usual. Soccer Saturday, family movie night, pizza Friday and one giant explosion. No really. After we had a staff outing, at this very same pitch last Wednesday night, we were sitting at the local spot enjoying (ok consuming) a hard earned brew and the electrical substation had an arc of power (not the cool Greyskull kind) the sky turned blue and then the city went black. Uh oh. Power was out all over Accra and even into parts of Tema. It didn’t look good. But somehow, power was mostly restored after two days. At least as far as I could tell. News is somewhat hard to come by around here. Actually, I should probably say, with the use of the outlets I’m accustomed too perusing. I get the feeling that news is still primarily radio based here. Which makes sense in a place where radio is much more accessible to the masses.

Just snuck on the pitch for a few minutes while kids were scarfing down some cold French fries, chicken nuggets, meat pies and hot juice boxes. Got in a few shots and crosses with my new friends. It truly is a beautiful game. Well, except maybe when it’s twenty little six year olds tackling knocking each other around. Then it’s just kind of funny.

I may have neglected to have mentioned in the last post that Josie will officially be joining us at Lincoln in the fall. She’s going to be a big ol pre-k kid. I can’t tell you how much easier that will make things for us to all be in one place. I think we are all pretty excited about that.

Alright. Pause. I’ll finish this later.

That was a long birthday party.  Kids are finally asleep.  Actually, Robyn is too, and it is pouring rain outside.  I like these quiet evenings.  Just the sound of the rain.  Well, and the generator.  But that’s just kind of a distant hum.

The kids continue to amaze us everyday.  As I’m sure all of you with kids can relate to, they have to be the smartest and funniest kids in the world.  I know you think/thunk the same thing about your kids.  So one of us is wrong.  I won’t take that any further though.  They’ve both acquired iPod shuffles, thanks to a yard sale, and cruise around in the evenings with their headphones on singing some pretty awesome alternate lyrics.  Maddox even rocks his to school from time to time.  I swear he was born as a twelve year old.

Maddox continues to pursue his soccer career.  With the World Cup coming it should be a fun summer.  We’re looking into going to the Black Stars’ farewell game this weekend.  Its a bit difficult to find info about it though.  Feel like I’ve mentioned that before.  I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve seen him pop a rainbow and then manage three or four juggles.  I just laugh.  I’m still no good at juggling.

Josie’s ballet dancing is coming along pretty swell to.  She’s quick to demonstrate any time you ask and she comes up with some pretty random dances on her own.  She definitely carries the sunshine with her wherever she goes.  Well, mostly.  She is three after all.  We had a rhyming session at the table the other night and she thought it was the funniest thing ever.  You see from time to time I like to treat the kids to some of my mad rhymes.  So they got in on the action.  She actually managed a few and had some good rhythm.  As for Maddox, we’ll just say we finally found something he’s not good at.  It was good for some laughs.

Alright.  I’ve got some other nothing to do, so I’m going to wrap this up.

One love.

Bonus Video of the explosion thanks to a friend who watched it from his porch.

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