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Closing out a school year

Two days One day left in the school year.  (i didn’t quite finish this last night).  Its pretty hard to believe that we’ve almost completed an entire school year here in Ghana.  I know it is cliché, but it has flown by.  It’s crazy to think back to the day we walked off the plane last July and into our new home.  Then Maddox’s first day of kindergarten and putting Josie in the car for the first time with Tina and Samuel. Man.  There were some leaps of faith this year. I’d say a decent bit has happened since then.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to summarize it all right here.  I’m just reminiscing a bit.

I just deleted two paragraphs from last night.

Moving on.

It has rained for twenty-four hours now.  Seriously.  Twenty-four.  Campus was one giant puddle today and the streets were a mess on the way home.  We saw one car in the gutter.  But don’t worry, there were about ten guys working on lifting it out.  They were making progress as we crept past.  It was actually pretty impressive.  Who needs AAA?  I have to admit that I am slightly looking forward to some lines in the road and traffic lights for a few weeks.  I was pretty sure at the junction by the tracks today that we were all going to just have to get out and leave our cars there.  It seemed like there was no way we were getting that mess untangled.  But like it always does, it somehow worked out and we made it home.  Oh, and at the previous junction, some random guy was standing in the street, in the pouring rain, directing traffic.  Pretty cool.  Something new every day.

So how about a couple of kid updates and then an episode of looking forward to, gonna miss.

Maddox finishes kindergarten tomorrow.  I am completely amazed by how much he has grown.  He just read an entire Cam Jansen chapter book all by himself over the past couple of days.  He really understood it too!  He could tell us all about it. He loves to read.  (pause.  he’s having a nightmare.  just yelled out.  i think he’s ok. happens a couple times a week).  I understand that the purpose of school is to learn and make progress and such but I’m just blown away by how much he has learned.  Shout out to Mrs. Winifred for making it happen.  I don’t think we could have asked for a better teacher.  He absolutely loves her.  I’ve never heard a bad word about her.  Top notch.

Junior’s also been a little testy lately.  Some tantrums, some testing the water kind of stuff and a little absent minded as well.  I think his little brain is running at about five billion RPMs right now and he just can’t quite settle it.  The end of school, leaving his friends for a bit, a trip across the ocean and starting a new grade on the bigger campus when he gets back.  It is a lot for a little fella to process.  He’s doing pretty good though.

Josie.  Josie, Josie, Josie.  Tell me if you get tired of hearing this, but that little girl makes me laugh.  She can just look at me and make me laugh sometimes.  She’s even started playing my own jokes on me.  She asked me what the picture was on the plastic container she was holding the other day (it was peanuts, don’t worry, we had cleaned it and she was eating plantain chips out of it.  you’ve got to reuse some stuff around here) and of course I told her it was pickles or something.  Well, game on.  She gave me back all kinds of random stuff with a straight face.  Good times.

Josie has her last day at Little Explorers tomorrow and had her “leaving circle” today.  They gave her all kinds of little art things her friends made for her and apparently she stood up and all of her friends came by and hugged her.  She made it clear that she hugged them back too.  Each one of her apparently twenty teachers, I’m still a little confused about that, wrote her a little personalized note.  Some even referenced her dolls by name.  You know, crazy-hair baby, pretty-hair baby, blue bear and Ama.  I soooooooo wish I could have seen her in that classroom.  According to the notes she told some good stories too.  That kid. I’m telling ya.


Let’s look forward to first: good beer, good coffee, traffic laws, smooth roads, family time, real ice cream, England (that one’s not really fair, its a vacation), Boone and the Blue Ridge Mountains (i really miss the mountains, green and the creeks and rivers), friends, less than incessant sweating

Gonna miss: Tina and Eddie, Chale Why?, crazy traffic (i know right?  its like a moving puzzle though, kind of fun), the mule cart man, our MTN card guy in the electronics shack, Ete sen Mary the crossing guard, lizards, soccer jerseys everywhere, friends at school,  being able to honk my car horn as much as I please, (everybody honks), my home, ehhh heaa…

I’m sure there’s more for both lists, but I’m getting kind of tired here.  Its almost ten and I’ve got a bit to do tomorrow.  Its been hands down the best and hardest school year I’ve ever had.  I’m grateful and exhausted.  Looking forward to some summer and seeing some of you.

One love.


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