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A lonely ol night on my own

I’m sitting on my own in a hotel that is much too fancy for me to legitimately be staying in right now.  I got nervous when I got out of my taxi and three different guys in white outfits tried to snatch my luggage from me.  I thought I was getting mugged for a second.  But then I realized that most muggers don’t wear name tags.  It was still a little weird.  Yeh, its a lonely ol night right now, but that’s how it goes some times.  Oh, so the reason for all this is I’m in Miami for two weeks of professional development.  Its actually pretty good, but I’m missing the family about now.  Let’s talk about them a bit.  What do you say?

After our fantastic time in England, we made a visit to Elon to see Grandmama and Pops.  Josie was determined to get there for sure.  It seemed like every time we got in some mode of transportation over the last couple of weeks she asked if we were going to see Grandmama.  Needless to say she was a bit happy to see her.  Well after the initial shock and requisite three to three point five minutes of shyness anyway.  It was good to be back in the States a bit if not a little weird.  After a couple of days it almost seemed like the last year was somebody else’s adventure.  It was kind of amazing how quickly we fell back into the developed world.  But that’s not what we are here to talk about.

The kids instantly attacked the plethora of toys at Grandmama’s and had a blast playing with their cousins in the yard.  They hadn’t missed a beat.  Oh and Maddox quickly remembered that Callie lived next door.  He was highly disappointed that she was still in school when we first arrived, but managed to all but help her out of the car in the afternoons a couple of times.  It is pretty cute to see the two of them playing.  I’m not one to impose weird adult feelings on little kids, but Maddox almost turns into a goofy teenage boy when he’s around her.  So funny and cute.  I think it was when we got back from Boone that Maddox yelled out, as we pulled into the neighborhood, “Oh!  Callie will be home.  She is out of school now!”

There was also British Soccer Camp.  So named not because it was held in Burlington, but because the instructors were imported from Britain.  It was a pretty good camp and Maddox had a fantastic time.  He still impresses me with his skills and understanding of the game.  I’m really trying not to brag here, but maybe I am.  He’s pretty stinking good.  It may not last, and the rest of the pack may catch him soon, but that boy loves to play and I enjoy watching him.

We eventually packed the bags one more time and headed for the mountains to visit the Grizzard clan in the metropolis of Todd.  It was good to spend some time in the mountains and with friends.  I’m pretty sure Robyn and Lisa broke some sort of record for most words spoken in a twenty-four hour period.  I’m not sure how they do it.  It was really cool to see our kids playing together.  Sawyer introduced Maddox to the wondrous world of xBox and nerf guns and Savannah was more than delighted to share her old dance outfits and My Little Ponies with Josie.  Our kids were in heaven.  There’s about an eight year difference between our kids but you’d have hardly known it over the course of the weekend.  The Grizzards have raised some mighty fine kids there.  The kids played outside, we went into Boone to shop and climb the tower, there was some tubing and a river festival, but my favorite moment by far was this one…

Glenn and I were sitting on the deck enjoying some tasty beverages (dear fancy beer how i have missed thee) when the sliding glass door opens and Maddox sticks his karate sparring helmet covered head out and says with a sword in hand, “have you seen the girls.”  I tell him they’ve gone over to Glen’s mom’s and he just backs inside and closes the door.  Moments later, I see him sprinting behind Sawyer into the woods, each of them carrying a nerf gun and a grocery bag with undisclosed contents.  Man its good to be a kid.

I know this isn’t really relevant, but I have to mention in here how much fun the World Cup has been this summer.  Robyn and I watched the first game, a miraculous and beautiful win over Ghana in Greensboro, game two in Todd with the Grizzards and I watched game three here with a few new friends in Miami.  I love watching our boys play and am so proud of how our country has turned out in numbers to support them.  I believe that we will win! (man. i got a little pumped up just writing that).  Oh, by the way, Maddox contemplated joining us for the first game but decided he’d rather play with his cousins.  He had a really tough time making the decision and I could see he was torn.  We stepped aside for a minute to talk about it and I assured him it was fine if he wanted to stay and play.  I also promised him that some day we would actually go to a World Cup game together.  That seemed to make his decision easier and he went off to play.  The next day when we talked about the game, he was in bed before we got home, he smiled and reminded me that one day we were going together.  A beautiful moment.

Ok.  I need to wrap this up.  I’m getting tired and have a full day of class tomorrow.

(oh, and i may or may not have been sitting in a terry cloth bath robe as I wrote this.  i’ll let you decide).

One Love

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