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Family Time

Yep family time.  Lots of different interpretations on this theme over the summer, but we’re talking about a family beach trip for now.  Once we unpacked and repacked for the forty-teenth time this summer, we spent the week with the greater Harwood family, plus some Dennison’s and had a grand old-time.  (of course we also got to unpack and repack again as a part of the program).

Upon departing Florida, I enjoyed a brief layover in Wilmington, let’s be honest, Leland, before we loaded up for the shortest transport of the summer.  (recently, this frequent travel has become a bone of contention among certain younger members of our family, leading to statements such as “we’ve been in the car for a thousand hours” upon the completion of our first four miles.  you feel me on this one.  i know you do.) (i just decided to continue this aside.  sorry.  today josie resorted to saying “i’m almost tired” as we traveled back to Leland.  it was pretty classic. she didn’t get all the way tired until we got to Sig’s neighborhood.  don’t worry.  she recovered as it was only ten o’clock in the morning and there was still much playing and swimming to do.  but i get ahead of the story here.  sorry.)It took me almost as long to pack all our crap necessities into the back of our car as it did to get to Kure Beach.  We had a fantastic time with the extended family.  Something we don’t get to do too often these days as there is usually a giant ocean between us.

The kids had a blast with their cousins.  They played everything imaginable from iPads to LeapPads.  Nah, just kidding.  They also did some fantastic imagining too.  There were some pretty creative and interesting conversations heard amongst the thunder of miniature feet going up and down several flights of stairs.  They played so hard that Maddox actually hid under the bed a few times to get some quiet time.  Pops, make sure you tell Grandma about that one.  Just like ol’ Shine.  It was good to see the kids enjoying each other.  Four distinct personalities that in the end boiled down to being kids that love to play.

Favorite kid moment: I found Pepper and Josie in a room together making up songs and recording them.  I snuck in to listen and of course was discovered, but was treated to an original composition by Josie.  Holy crackers that was cute.  Speaking of which, let me just stick with her for a minute or two.  That kid.  She’s in the habit lately of coming up and just latching on with a big ol hug and saying, “I love you.  You’re the best daddy.”  Why do I get the feeling that somehow she’s trying to pocket some points for the future?  It works though.  Melts me every time.  Oh and she absolutely loved the rides at the boardwalk.  I rode one of the little roller coasters with her and she leaned over on me and cackled the whole time.  Pure joy.  That was after she had already ridden it once with Robyn who may not have enjoyed it quite as much.  But we won’t talk about how she was praying for it to end and looked like she could blow chunks at any moment while her three year old daughter was laughing and having a blast next to her.  Nah.  We won’t mention that.

Let’s move along.  Maddox decided that he wanted to surf and he did.  Cause that’s what he does.  But wait a minute.  Before I get to that, there were actually a few days in between where this guy went to soccer camp number two.  UNCW soccer camp this time.  Another success.  It is fun watching that little guy out there running around.  He’s not the most aggressive kid on the pitch by any means, but I would argue that he sees the game better than any kid his age.  He hangs back and calculates and even when it seems he doesn’t, he’s always got a plan.  Regardless of all of the incredibly advanced skills that I project upon him, in the end its just fun watching my boy do something he loves.  That’s what its about. Right?

So on to surfing.  We rented a board for twenty four hours and he was determined to master it.  He surfed a little last year at Topsail with the Simpson/Soliday crew, but this was serious.   As we were driving back from the shop with the rented board, he asked if I was going to teach him to surf.  I laughed and told him I’d do what I could but I can’t surf.  So, like any good dad who grew up in the late eighties and early nineties, I quoted some Point Break surf tips to him and we hit the water.  Aced it, as the pictures will clearly prove.

Alright.  I think that will do it.  I’m tired now and Robyn is already asleep here next to me.  We’re enjoying a weekend on our own before one last run of appointments and loading up with gear.  Got a place in Wilmington for a couple nights and left the kids with Sig.  Oh.  Stop the presses.  I just remembered, next time you’re in Wilmington don’t stand in line for an hour at Kilwins like a donkey , find the Tarheel Creamery guys around the corner and enjoy some good, not overpriced ice cream.  They took pity on me tonight and gave me a scoop for a dollar.  #fanforlife #youseewhythatwassoimportant

Alright for real.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten things but, its almost midnight, and I’m almost tired.

One love


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