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We made it.  One week Two weeks of Pre-K and Grade One is are in the books.  I won’t say it was perfect.  It definitely built some character, if you know what I mean. But it ended with everybody happy, exhausted and ready for some tasty pizza to start the both weekends.  Let’s rewind the tape and look at some of the highlights and important plays for the weeks.  (the edits are due to the fact that i got started on this, paused for a second and another week went by)

I’ll start by saying the kids were definitely ready for a bit of structure.  It was getting a little trying around the house there for a bit.  Once they hit the classrooms things settled down a bit around the house.  Mostly anyway.  Its an odd thing how exhaustion can sometimes lead to insanity instead of early bed times.  All you parents out there know what I’m talking about, right?  There was at least one night when Josie almost face planted on the table, and they certainly had a little earlier bed times.  But that’s not the main story here.

Maddox headed into school like he owned the place this year.  We told him his buddy Lucas was in his class and his face lit up.  He had the big playground to roam, his best bud at his side and his mom’s office in site.  Top o the world baby.  After the first day, he pretty much ditched us as soon as he could and headed to the playground on his own in the morning.  He absolutely loves it.  I get to sneak peeks of him playing from time to time.  Basketball, jump ropes, cup stacking, some version of four square, he’s into it all.  They have two days a week without balls on the playground which originally sent him into a deep depression (ok i’m exaggerating a bit, but he was upset when he found out) but turned out to be some of his favorite times.

He’s had a couple struggles, he’s had some weird rash for a week or so that’s made it rough.  He actually stayed home one day with a little fever.  Doctors say its some kind of allergic reaction.  What it is a reaction too?  Shoulder shrug.  A bit annoying this one.  He seems to be on the mend.  Yesterday it got him in a bit of trouble at school though.  He knew Robyn had some medicine and he felt he needed some so he asked to go see her.  The teacher’s assistant escorted him over to Robyn’s office (literally about two first downs from his class) but she wasn’t there.  He managed to talk the TA into walking around looking for her.  He even stopped one of our friends, a fifth grade teacher, and asked him to call Robyn.  Funny.  We since discussed a system for such things with his teacher.  He’s creative that boy.

Josie, the one who was so ready to go to Maddox’s school with all of us, struggled a bit the first week.  She absolutely bawled the first three days as I dropped her at her classroom.  Hearbreaking.  I wasn’t sure I could take a whole week of it.  Of course she had fantastic days and I knew she was fine five minutes later, but it just isn’t fun.  Thursday rolled around and she told me not to carry her in my arms, but on my shoulders, because that was what was making her cry when I left.  (its a long walk for her little legs from the car to her room)  So I complied of course.  That little bugger got off my shoulders, put her bag in her cubby and walked away.  Problem solved.  I had to call her back for a hug.  Hasn’t been a problem since.

Josie absolutely loves her class.  She’s asked if her teachers can come over for a play date.  (i spoke to them and agreed we’d have josie’s mom call their moms to set it up)  She sings songs from her class on the way home almost everyday and is so excited to tell us all about the things she’s done.  She even had mommy come in and teach her class for a little while this week.  The grin and the hug she throws on us at the end of the day as she comes out of her room washes away any feeling but happiness.  Best way to end a day, hands down.

School for the big people has been good too.  We’ve both been quite busy.  I reckon that’s just how the start of the year always is though.  I’ve got a new Media Design class to teach and I’ve been given the role of technology integration too.  I’m excited about it.  Learning on the fly.  Robyn is solving problems, teaching classes, chasing kids (literally) (not ours) (thank goodness) making morning announcements, and all kinds of other stuffs.  We’re both pretty exhausted at the end of the days.  Lots of early bedtimes for us as well.  Its good though.  Lots of extra stuff going on too.  Our weekly soccer game started back up (jimmy if you’re reading you’re welcome back anytime), we’ve had some yoga classes, pilates, swim time and of course some great meetings.  Its pretty awesome how much stuff is going on at our school.

We made it to the zoo last weekend.  An interesting adventure.  It’s in the middle of the woods about two miles down a dirt road, past the “Strictly Out of Bounds” sign.  We actually led a couple of cars full of locals to it in an interesting twist of fate.  We had a good time touring around with the guide.  It was a little different from the Asheboro zoo, but it was still pretty cool.  The kids had a blast.

Its Saturday morning now and the kids are finishing up breakfast.  Maddox is filling Robyn in on his week and talking about the kids he sits with at his table in class.  They’re going over the paperwork he brought home and talking it over.  It’s pretty fantastic to hear the conversation they are having.   Josie is “washing dishes” and just finished singing her set of pre-k songs.  She’ll be headed out to dance class her in a bit and Maddox and I will hang around and see what we can find to do around here.  Headed to Chale Wote this afternoon.  I’ll have to post again after that.  Its a huge arts festival in the streets of Jamestown down on the coast.  Should be interesting.

Until then,

One Love.

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