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Soaked feet, climbed mountains and stinky pizza

I feel like I earned this week’s pizza.  Well, maybe something a little better than this week’s pizza actually.   You see, every now and then you get some cheese that tastes like Koala.  Not the bear, but the grocery store.  Seems that was the issue with this week’s pizza.  But I digress.  And early too.  I’ll try to reign it in here.

Its been a busy few weeks since the last time we talked.  I’ll see what I can conjure up from the cauldron of my memory since our last encounter.

I’ll start with Junior this time.  He’s been struggling with some kind of freakish rash thing.  Wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes itching with a streaky looking rash.  I probably shouldn’t say this, but actually hasn’t shown up in about a week.  But for a couple weeks there it was showing up all over and random like.  Pretty frustrating.  Poor guy had his finger pricked once and straight up blood drawn twice to try to figure it out.  Thanks to all that we know it wasn’t malaria or tick fever and we’re waiting to see if it could be some kind of food allergy.  Have to wait for the results to come back from South Africa though.  Funny how many people shared their stories of random rashes from their various posts since we’ve been dealing with this.  I guess it made me feel a little better.  Most of them ended with, “we never did figure out what it was.”  You hear that a decent amount over here.  Oh well.  Maybe it was growing pains.

He’s managed to get into karate this year for an after school activity.  I think he’s pretty pumped to be back in the martial arts.  Got measured for his new, uh, kit? (i’m pretty sure i shouldn’t call it an outfit, but don’t really feel like looking up what its called.  you know what i mean anyway.) this week and should get it sometime next week I reckon.  He’s also doing basketball after school and Soccer Saturday has cranked back up as well.  He is one active boy.  Oh, and his latest passion is jumping rope.  A direct result of balls being banned on the playground two days a week.  Of course he’s all but mastered it with his usual determination.  He’s crossing up and all kinds of stuff.  Funny kid.

We headed out of the big city life last weekend.  Took a drive northish to Stone Lodge to relax a bit and go for a hike.  It was a fantastic place.  (remember its all relative)  Perfect for our family anyway.  Lots of green space, room to ride a bike, a pool and a place to sleep.  Can’t really ask for much more.  Food was pretty good too.  We met up with the Accra Hiking Group and some friends from school.  I got to play a little guitar with some friends and the kids roasted marshmallows and ran amuck as they always do.

The hike was up or around Krobo Mountain.  It was pretty tough for the first twenty to thirty minutes, which translates to really tough when you add in some three, wait, three and a half year old legs that want to be carried.  Robyn did a good bit of the luggin Josie deal then took off to chase Maddox while Josie and I inspected the next ten billion rocks on the way up.  We ended up opting for some chill time at the halfish way point while Maddox and mom made a push for the summit with the rest of the group.  No sherpas or anything necessary, but also no Josie’s necessary either.  We all had a good time in our own way.  Kids passed out in the back on the way home.  A sure sign of a successfully exciting and exhausting weekend.

Speaking of Josie, she’s back at dance class and eating it up.  She loves it.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but its pretty stinking cute too.  She’s also loving some school.  She walks around the house singing her new school songs and tells us the proper form for holding a pencil (tommy tum, peter pointer and ah, crud, i can’t remember the other finger’s name right now.  good thing i’m typing) every time she picks up a writing utensil.  French is pretty exciting for her too.  She likes to keep us updated on the fact that she can say hello and goodbye in French.  Oh, and of course she’s reading her books at night in French.  OK, its really just her making funny sounds with a real serious look on her face while she looks at her books, but its the thought that counts right?  Her new thing right now is making up words.  Its pretty awesome.  Most of the time.  Except when you are trying to get her to actually answer you.

Today was an adventure in its own right.  Robyn has been down with the tummy tantrums and stayed home from school today.  Miraculously, the kids were ready to walk out a bit early this morning and things were looking good.  (foreshadowing)  There were a few dark clouds in the sky, but its been overcast every morning lately so I didn’t think too much of it.  I did mistakenly say, “Let’s go guys.  Maybe we can beat the rain.”  Curses.  Why do I do that to myself.  Drizzle, drizzle, snizzle downpour.  No raincoats, no umbrellas.  Just me and two kids with a quarter mile walk from the car park to the school.  Doh!  We bounced around several ideas amongst our brains along the way as the rains quickly camouflaged the plethora of tire eating potholes along our route to school.  Maddox’s ideas included just dropping them at the gate with the guards and just walking cause we wouldn’t get too wet.  Ahh, the rosy glasses of youth.  In the end I waited in the drop off line with all the other families and dumped them in a colleagues office and headed back to the car park to accept my own watery fate.  I think by about 1:30 I was finally dry.  Well, except my toes.  Socks seem to take a bit longer.  I chalked it up to experiencing local culture.

I think that about does it.  Or at least I’m about done.  Its getting late and kids don’t like sleeping in.  In case you were wondering.

One Love.

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