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Let me tell you something.  Friday nights are hopping round here.  Ok.  Maybe just the jams in my headphones are bumping.  Maybe Robyn is asleep on the couch at 9:30 and we just got the kids to bed after watching Tangled and having pizza.  And maybe, just maybe that’s about ninety percent of our Friday nights.  But you know, I’m ok with that.  We work hard for our weekends.

This week was chock full of action.  We had this idea that all of us being at the same school this year was going to make everything so simple.  Turns out it helped some and made some things more complicated.  Now its all about where are the kids going to be while we have meetings and which ones can they sit in the corner for and which days does Maddox have after school activities and well, thats enough of a run on.  You get the idea.  We’ve also added in play dates for Josie after school it seems.  Its all great, but not what I expected.  Never is I guess.  It is kind of cool that Maddox has been coming with me to our high school Global Issues club and even went on a little trip with us one afternoon this week.  He’s even chimed in once or twice.  I’ll come back to that.

Speaking of Maddox.  He is definitely producing ample amounts of testosterone lately.  He certainly enjoys a good argument and is quick with the “requests” we’ll call them.  Part of growin up I reckon. He can also be incredibly sweet though.  He fixed his sister’s drink tonight for dinner without even being asked.  Even picked out the cup he knew she’d want.  He’s got a lot going on lately though.  We found out this week that he might be, or probably is, allergic to nuts, eggs and gluten.  Its all a bit hazy as a lot of medical information seems to be here.  The tests traveled all the way to South Africa and back and just left us a bit confused.  We’re making some adjustments to diet though and we’ll see what happens.  He’s keeping really positive about it.  We all agreed we’re just glad it wasn’t chocolate.

Josie grows five years a day I think.  Or at least she talks or sings the equivalent of five years a day.  It is pretty amazing sometimes the things that come out of her mouth.  A little bit of everything from deep thoughts to hilarious humor.  She is something else.  She’s really taken to saying “Chale Why” lately and its pretty funny.  She absolutely loves school and managed this week to get her teacher to make a “homework” folder for her.  You see, her brother has one, and you know what that means.  She has made some big improvements already with school stuff.  She can write her name pretty stinking good now.  She even took over drawing the smily face in the “O”.  Its fun watching her think out loud how to spell it when she stops half way through writing to talk for a minute and forgets where she was.

I’ve had a few random moments of clarity this week.  We live in a pretty cool place with some awesome opportunities.  Maddox and I ordered and went back to pick up a handmade bamboo shelf from Kodjo this week.  He even took the time to clean up a couple of scrap pieces for Maddox to have some “swords”.  Oh, and erase that image of a furniture shop you have in your mind right now.  His “shop” is a shipping container on the side of the road beside about ten other containers.  In front of all of them there are hundreds of pieces of cane furniture.  Everything from shelves to baskets to sectional couches.

Then we visited Mmofra this week with the high school GISS club that included kids from at least ten different countries.  Its a park of sorts that’s under development about a half mile from our school.  Its being funded by the children of Efua T. Sutherland (famous writer and dramatist from Ghana) who it turns out are related to several people at our school.  Anyway, its an open space and play area where they are developing natural play spaces from repurposed materials.  Cool right.  Go back and click on the link when you finish reading.  (so, i’m actually just now getting to my real point here about cool opportunities).  While we’re there Maddox makes friends with Andrew the oldish Scottish guy who’s seemingly randomly working there and he’s helping him learn to walk on stilts made from banku paddles.  Eventually, Josie is trying a smaller version and Maddoxi s giving tips on how to improve the design.  Did you get all of those random connections there? I couldn’t help but smile.

I looked over at my pile of family on the couch tonight all tangled up together watching a movie, and it felt good.

One Love.

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