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Growing, goals and gluten

Sunshine, a nice breeze, the beautiful game and the melodic grind of power tools. (maintenance crew is fixing a leaky pipe near by). Yep, Another Saturday at Lincoln Academy. I’d like to say it’s been another fantastic weekend morning, but that would be stretching it a bit.

You see we’ve got a six year old boy. Each morning is a bit like the row of casseroles at a covered dish lunch. They all look the same but you never know exactly what you’re getting.  Junior woke up this morning (at 5:30 $&@!$&) saying he wasn’t going to soccer today.  He claimed everything from poor organization of the sessions to doing too much math this week as his reasoning. We’ll never really know why, but after a few tantrums, a pillow fight, a fantastic game of Candyland (poke me in the eye) and a firm declaration from The United Front that he was going even if he just sat on the bench, he’s out there sweating and grinning. Go figure.

To be fair, it has been a tough week. You see, as discussed earlier, we are currently attempting to be gluten free. Allergy test results suggest that he could be allergic to gluten and nuts so we’re cutting them out. It’s made a difference so far for him, but it’s hard. Gluten is in more foods than there are uses for the Shamwow. I think the worst discovery has been that it’s in Milo. Ouch. I never would have thought that would get the axe.  That one’s tough. Doesn’t help that the nearest Whole Foods is a ten hour flight away either. We’re figuring it out slowly though, and in the end it will probably be better for us all.  Again, at least isn’t chocolate.

On to something a bit more fun.

Last weekend we had a three day weekend so we headed off to the beach. Ironically enough, we went back to the first beach resort we visited in Ghana on the same weekend last year, Sisimbo.  Its a good place. Nice beach, nice rooms, plenty of space for the kids to play and the food is pretty good too. We traveled with Maddox’s best bud Lucas and his family and brought some new friends, Laura and Sebo as well. It was a fantastic, relaxing, and a bit rainy weekend. Just enough sun to wear the kids out and just enough rain to give us a break. We even got a chance to help pull in some fishing nets with the locals. Well, ok, we helped for about twenty minutes of the two hours it took them to get it on the beach. (no, my hands didn’t mysteriously hurt the next day and no, one of the guys didn’t feel my hands and then laugh. why you thinking that?)

School has been silly busy, but good. Robyn and I had a meeting and or an evening event every day this week and that seems to be more the norm than the exception these days. Thursday’s I’ve been supervising the high school Global Issues club and Maddox has decided to hang out with me for that one. He mostly hangs back and eats his snacks, but he’s listening. He’s always listening. This week he even chipped in on the brainstorming session. It was pretty cool to hear him speak up and then see the high school kids actually listen to him and discuss his idea. Proud of my boy.

Josie has two super BFFs. Seriously. I’m surprised they don’t have the little necklaces yet. She sits outside her classroom waiting on them each morning and they have a standing play date on Wednesday afternoons now. Last week they did nails and makeup. How old is she? She’s also all about the singing these days. She just randomly breaks into song throughout the day. (she’s singing about colors as I edit this) I swear she was doing a Beastie Boys version of the Barney song on the way home from school this week too. That kid…  She wore her cape to school twice this week and it seems like more people say hello to her on campus while we walk around than say hello to me.  She gives them a princess wave and then turns to explain to me who they are.

Alright. It’s noon. Game over and time to get this sweaty boy home for some lunch.

(a couple hours later, i’m editing and need to add this)

A little taste of Ghana here.  Maddox and I stopped by the bank on the way home.  Here’s how it kind of works.  We went in and sat down in front of a desk where the guy who is supposed to help us is coming according to the guard who opened the door for us.  We sat down and he eventually appeared as another customer came and stood next to us to finish his transaction that apparently had just been paused and was eventually told would be completed Monday.  A lady walked in with a duffle bag, opened it and put approximately twenty bricks of cash on the teller’s counter.  The desk next to us had multiple customers approach it at the same time, each discussing their needs at the same time, but no one seemed to be bothered.  The desk where we were being helped had three giant ledger books, a computer and lots of tiny slips of paper with numbers and names on them.  Our helper asked my name, no id required (i was picking up my internet banking information) went to the back to find our papers, came back twice to tell me he was working on it, shuffled thru some drawers and stacks of paper, went to the back again, called Jaquelyn who has been helping us for the past month and then returned with our two secret passwords in a sealed print out.

It works, but its different.  Thats for sure.

Til next time.

One love.



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