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Coming in From the Cold

No.  There hasn’t been a cold snap here.  It has rained a couple of times and that gets the temperature down around 80F but its still nice and hot.  We’ve just been enjoying passing a cold around. (how much better it would be if that said a cold one). We’ve each had a bit of a fight with it over the last week.  I think Robyn probably got the worst of it as hers turned into a sinus infection.  Good news is, I think we’re on the upswing now.  Josie and I stayed home from school yesterday to try to shake it off and I finally feel like one more night of good Nyquil induced sleep should do the trick.

But that’s the not fun stuff.  Let’s back up a bit.

Last weekend was Halloween and we had a good ol time.  Its always fun dressing up, but even more so with kids and even more so even more so in a place where it isn’t really a holiday that is observed.  We got some great looks driving over to a friends house in our costumes, and even better looks later on that evening, after dark, driving around with a car full of kids in costume and an orbuni mom reaching out the back seat window to hold a giant cardboard dinosaur head on the roof. (that would be our friend Laura who has a self proclaimed tendency to over do the costume thing. the head was for her five year old. the next night she was carol brady complete with a giant cardboard tv to wear on her shoulders).

All that aside, once again, the awesome community of teachers at Lincoln really hooked us up. We took a passle of about ten kids trick or treating at the homes of six or seven teachers who pulled out all the stops. Almost all of them were dressed up and they all showered the kids with some fantastic candy and treats.  There was even as top with some liquid energy for the adults.  It was a great if not slightly chaotic night of costumes, candy and craziness.  It was certainly one of those moments that just kind of makes you laugh when you think about how absurd we must look. (and no i’m not referring the fact that i was a self made superhero wearing pants that may not have been mine)

One of my favorite parts of the night was that Tina’s little brother Kwame went with us.  He’s moved in with Tina in the past couple of months and he and Maddox have become fast friends.  It really is a beautiful thing to see how the two of them play together and watch them navigate through the differences in their worlds.  (i think that might need to be a whole different entry at some point. for now let’s just say i love all that they are learning from each other).  He knew nothing of Halloween before Maddox began talking about it some weeks ago. Together they cut out paper jack o lanterns, ghosts and witches to decorate our front door and Maddox tried time and again to explain what Halloween was about.  I’m pretty sure it never made sense to him until he piled in the car dressed as a policeman and headed off to collect some candy.

We’ve had teacher conferences this week at school. (sorry for the drastic topic change. its late and i couldn’t think of smooth transition) I can’t say that I look forward to them from teacher’s point of view.  It can get pretty brutal having the same basic conversation over and over about grades and behavior and such.  Honestly though, its not so bad.  The parents were great this year and I enjoyed many of the conversations.  (some of them i hope made sense as i was taking cold medicine throughout) But none of that is the point I’m trying to get to.

The cool part about parent conferences now is that I get to be a parent.  My teacher friends out there can feel me on this one.  It is fantastic to be on the other side of the table for conferences.  I’m pretty sure I wrote something similar last year, but I really dig this, so I’m saying it again.  Sitting across the table from  Maddox as he grinned ear to ear talking to his teacher about his learning and things he needed to work on made me so proud.  He absolutely loves school and again adores his teacher.  I think he might have enjoyed the conference as much as I did.  It was cool too that he knew exactly what he needed to work on and agreed with his teacher about it.  Proud of that boy.

Then to see my little Josie light up as her teachers talked about her was fantastic as well.  She grinned and shrugged and acted all shy, but she was super excited.  I think on some level it confused her a bit but when it was over she hopped up to show us around the room.  I had to get back to my room and back to the teacher side of the table, but Robyn said Josie gave her the full tour and they sat and read some books too.  I can’t believe how well my little one is doing in school.

We’ll never know what school would have been like somewhere else, but I can’t imagine things being much better for those two right now.  They both love school, are making friends and just soaking up the learning.  It doesn’t stop at school either.  At home, Maddox is reading chapter books on his own and asking for math problems to work out and Josie is constantly asking to write and draw and trying to spell some simple words.  When you add all of that to the experience of living in this place, navigating a different culture and making friends from around the world, I don’t think I could ask for much more.

One love.

Somehow I forgot to mention a few weeks ago we had a friend take some family photos.  I’ve included a few of those in this week’s pics.

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