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It Takes a Joyful Sound

Another long week packed with goodness.  Finished it off with pizza and a movie as we do every week.  Its a tradition that somehow makes me feel rooted and comfortable, even if we do usually watch one of the same three movies each week.  We broke the mold a bit this week though and watched Star Wars. Ok. Don’t tell anybody, it was Episode I.  But Maddox is only 6 and he absolutely loved it.  Kwame was mesmerized as well.  The two of them snuggled up with their eyes bugged out talking their way through the movie was a beautiful thing.  Exhaustion rolled in around 8:45 though and we decided to finish it off tomorrow.  It’s best to break Jar Jar into pieces anyway.  (take that anyway you please)

Josie on the other hand decided immediately that she did not like the movie.  Funny enough she stayed completely glued to the screen for the first forty-five minutes or so.  Eventually she and Robyn decided to head to her room and snuggle and watch some Frozen.  The report was that it was some great snuggly mommy and daughter time.  Love it.

The big news this week was The Concert.  The kids were so excited about it they could hardly stand it.  Every night at dinner, they discussed the day’s rehearsal and asked how many days til Wednesday.  Pumped. This was their first semester music concert for the parents, and both their classes were participating.  Josie, aka the Singing Bush (three amigos. you with me?) only stops singing to, well, I’m not sure she ever does.  So add in the fact that she was practicing for a show an it was like living on the set of Annie for a couple of weeks.  It was stinking cute though.  She absolutely loved the songs and even learned Maddox’s songs eventually.  It can be almost freakish how many songs that kids knows.

So The Concert was Wednesday and they knocked it out of the park.  Maddox even managed to get his arms to move a bit this year. (last year he told us his arms wouldn’t listen to his brain when it told them to move) And Josie, well, we could be in trouble.  She was quite comfortable up there on the stage performing.  Didn’t give it a second thought.  Oh, and its pretty intense out there.  Cameras, phones, iPads are lighting up the sky as parents elbow each other out of the way to get a better shot.  Ok. Its not all that, but it was a big crowd.

It was also school picture week.  Oh how I love some school pictures… Anyway.  Maddox managed to get his taken in his grey Lincoln PE shirt that has a nice brown neck from months of sweat and mouth wiping.  Classic.  Luckily I caught it before the day was over and Robyn manage to sweet talk the photographers into a redo with a fresh, not PE shirt after school.  Crisis averted.  Josie managed to wear something cute, don’t remember exactly what, but she has a bit of a black eye this week, of course.  She ran into something in the house last weekend (honest) and it waited til this week to start showing.  I think it just makes her look tough, but Robyn wasn’t too excited about it.  We’ll see how they turn out.  Isn’t there supposed to be something screwy about your school pics anyway?

Other school action includes a new morning tradition with Josie that has us playing tag all the way to her room.  (nothing like starting the day out with a good quarter mile jog with the good ol school clothes on).  Yeh, but its fun.  She cackles the whole way across campus to her class trailing sunshine behind her.

Maddox managed to find himself in trouble a couple of times lately.  We’ll never know exactly what’s going on, but I think he’s just goofing around a bit.  The good news is his teacher told us that today after he got in trouble, he went back to his desk and wrote her an apology on a sticky note.  His own idea.  That’s my boy. I’ll take that.

I’m still fighting off that cold that I thought I fought off last week.  It just won’t go away.  Not much more frustrating than a lingering cold when its ninety degrees outside.  What’s that about?

Oh.  We got the kids room painted today.  All sneaky like.  They didn’t even know a thing.  Maddox got two blue walls and Josie got two purple ones.  He was pumped and she burst out crying.  Turns out she wanted pink.  A little negotiating, some stickers (thanks mom for the timely package that took forever to get here.  it helped today) and well played jokes and she eventually changed her mind and decided she liked it.

We’ve got the usual Saturday morning dance class and soccer Saturday tomorrow.  But then we’ll head to the planetarium, yes, Accra has a planetarium, for a program about that craziness of landing a little robot thing on a chunk of rockin hurling its way through space at ridiculous speeds. Should be pretty cool. Then a date night for the adults.  Its been a while, the last one got rained out.  Literally.  We were supposed to go to an outdoor concert and it poured.  Going to an Ethiopian place that people say is pretty fantastic.

I’ll wrap it up here with one more thought. I went for a run today (we won’t discuss the consistency of that event) and ran buy a little shop where two ladies were sitting in the street kicked back in their chairs watching a little TV they had dragged outside.  It made me really want to work on taking more pictures.  I didn’t have camera with me at the time, and it isn’t always appropriate to try to take pics, but its hard to describe accurately all the cool things we see every day.  Examples of ingenuity, community and grit are there everyday.  I’ve been here well over a year now and there are still those moments walking or jogging down the street when I see things and just smile because this is where I live.

One Love.

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