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Soon come

One week til winter break.  Josie wakes up and asks if it is Christmas at least once a week right now.  Both the kids are certainly feeling the excitement. Please, it is coming.

Its an interesting time of year here in Ghana.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas in the traditional, snowy Christmas sense of things.  But then we aren’t in Kansas anymore either.  (actually, I guess we never were, but you get the idea) We spent the afternoon in the pool today.  Can’t say I’ve ever done that the week before Christmas in North Carolina.  I’m not complaining though.  Its just a new part of the adventure.

Honestly, there are a lot of similarities to this time of year in the States.  The stores are chock full of all kinds of Christmas crap decorations and there are some of the same cheap remote control cars on the end caps of the isles.  Christmas tree stands have popped up on every free corner.  (ok, they’re plastic, and look really out of place, but still). Robyn even stopped and bought a couple of light up Santa hats today from one of them.  She talked him into two for twenty cedis. What a deal.  Of course, maybe he knew that one of them wouldn’t light up by the time she got home.  Again, same as in the States.

There’s also the oddness of the end of the semester at school.  Kids are traveling to see family just like in the States, just they’re all leaving the country instead of just leaving the States.  I’d love to make a map of where all of my students go for the holidays. (hmm… that might actually be a fun project in class this week)

Then there are the people talking about how ready they are to get out of here for awhile and are sooooo excited to be leaving Ghana for a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool to be traveling, but not for the sake of “getting out of here” just because its always cool to travel.  The longer we’re here, the more I like it.  Sure I miss some of the comforts of the States (like the ease of ordering every single Christmas gift on Amazon and not having to go to the store at all) but I also like what we’ve got here.  I think its important to remember that for the kids too.  As I’m constantly reminded, for better or for worse, they are soaking in everything we put out there. This is home for now and I’m excited to spend some time here over the break and experience a Ghanaian Christmas.  I want our kids to feel that excitement too and not always looking to be somewhere else, thinking other places are better.  Things are good here, just a little different.  And for that I’m thankful.

Our adventures lately have been pretty run of the mill I guess.  Nothing too huge to report lately.  We’ve fought off a few colds, been to a couple of plays at school that were fantastic, been super lazy on the weekends, had some friends over for a pool party and watched a few movies.  Maddox finished up his season of Saturday Soccer Academy and Josie had a dance “recital”.  Both were of course fantastic.

Josie continues to sing and dance her way through each day.  She’s super into playing with her little Frozen action figure things right now.  Its fun to listen to her make up stories and play out random scenarios.  Tonight at dinner Robyn asked her if she wanted to sing a song for our guests and without blinking she said, “YES!”  She then started assigning us roles for the production she is apparently going to direct for our Christmas Eve party.  We’ll see what happens, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised.  (maddox did his best to blend into the scenery during that conversation)

Maddox is your typical 17 wait 7 year old. Testing all the boundaries and playing as hard as he can every day with his friends. I got to spend a little time in his classroom this week as part of their special holiday celebrations.  We made paper snow flakes.  An absolute blast. If you’ve got a kid and a chance to spend some time in their class you absolutely should.  It was cool to put some faces to names and see him in a different atmosphere.  He was quite proud to have his papa in the room and I was proud to see my boy with his friends and helping out.  It makes it a little easier, just a little, to put up with the challenges at home when I see how respectful he is at school. To be fair, I should say he is a fantastic kid full of love and a big heart. He’s just a kid and if you have one, you know what that means.

So I reckon that’s it.  One week of school and ten days til Christmas.  Looking forward to some down time.

One Love

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One thought on “Soon come

  1. Feliz Navidad and lots of love to your family 🙂 So nice to read and know how things are going. Lovely family 🙂 Besos xxx

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