Las Quatro Harwoods

400 Years

Tomorrow Josie turns four years old.  (ok, so its not 400, but i’ve got a thing going if you haven’t noticed. so just play along)  But right now, (the tenth of january about two o’clock) I’m sitting outside by the pool on another dusty, coolish harmattan day here in Accra.  If I rewind the tapes about one thousand four hundred and sixty days to that night my sweet one joined us, its hard to believe how much things have changed.  She arrived in the midst of an ice storm (click it for a link to the post from her original birthday) and now she’ll celebrate her fourth earthstrong under a cloud of dusty Saharan winds.

(some time elapsed here as it is bound to do when i try to write in the middle of the day. works much better to write at night)

We spent the morning decorating and getting things ready for her fairy party tomorrow.  Robyn has gone all out as usual and has a fantastic plan.  She’s got the house looking great and a task list for us in the morning.  (i’m pretty sure it would just be cake, fruit punch and chaos if it was up to me to plan a party for a bunch of four year olds) We wrapped up the day with a birthday dinner out with friends.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that little girl more excited.  She giggled and talked all the way out the door, to the restaurant and through most of the night right up until she finally passed out.

OK. So another little time lapse there as I read back through the first month or so of entries I wrote after Josie was born.  Funny enough I mention her smiling a lot.  Fitting as she puts a smile on everyone’s face these days.  She’s had some tantrums and fits lately, but she’s growing and she’s supposed to do that from time to time. (oh, when she wants us to know she is particularly upset she will actually say “waaahhh” while she cries. quite amusing)  Otherwise, she’s laughing, talking, dancing, singing, drawing, imagining, singing, dancing and just being happy.

So happy birthday to my sweet one.  I’m looking forward to all the smiles another year with you will bring.

One love.

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