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I’m not really sure where to start tonight.  Its been a little while since I’ve written.  I’ve thought about it a lot, but just haven’t taken the time to sit down and do it.  Well, until now I guess.

We’ve had a couple of rocky weeks getting back into the swing of real life.  Maddox hasn’t been feeling school lately and I think Josie just turned fourteen. We’ll just say that Maddox was a bit trying for a bit at home.  More than usual that is and then he just wasn’t feeling it at school.  He got in trouble a few times and was coming home really frustrated.  I think we’ve gotten that worked out, but the little guy is just going to have to figure some things out on his own.  He’s so set on the rules that any change or variance is insane to him.  He came home mad after basketball because the coach told them they could only dribble twice, and “that’s not the rule”.   Its been tough, but he’s doing great. We’ve talked all kinds of strategies and even worked on some breathing strategies and such.  He’s a smart kid he’s just got to keep on grooving and I’m sure he’ll work through it.

Josie has just decided she’ll skip the kid stuff and be a big sassy teenager.  Its quite funny at times.  If that was it, it would be real funny, but she’s also decided she likes to scream when she’s angry.  That’s not funny.  She’s also puppy and baby crazy right now.  She had a long conversation with Robyn in the hallway yesterday about how she just wanted to hold the baby that was going to be in her tummy one day or maybe mommy could have a baby in her tummy.  Something like that anyway. I honestly couldn’t decide if it was hilarious, cute or scary.  That kid is something else.

The big people have been busy too.  Robyn has just about completed her online yoga teacher training.  We’ve just got to submit the video.  (i say we because i’ve got to edit and put that together for her. she did the yoga part) She’s actually taught a couple of classes at school already for some colleagues. Word on the streets is that she’s good at it too.  I never doubted she would be. (its the only time i can swim so i haven’t made a class yet)  I’m proud of her for finding the time to do something she’s wanted to for a long time.  (its not like she doesn’t have  a full time job and a couple of rug rats running around) Its pretty cool too that she’s not charging for the lessons (last teacher charged 30 cedi but could be more if enough people didn’t show up or something like that and she made you listen to crappy ukelele music at the end but thats another story for another day) just collecting donations to help out some local organizations.

As for me, I’m back in school again starting Monday.  Like big people school. I’m starting the COETAIL online program for some certification in educational technology.  I’m even getting some grad credit for it.  So yeh. I’m excited. Everyone I’ve asked has said its a fantastic program and totally worth it.  We’ll see… I’m also a bit excited that we’re planning our summer already.  I’m not wishing away the rest of the school year, but there’s some good travels in the works.  England, Germany, Philadelphia. More on that later as it develops.

There have been birthday parties and playdates and dusty harmattan skies that finally cleared as well. I’m sure there is a lot I’ve left out, but I think that’s the basics.  I’m a wee bit tired on this Friday night and ready to crawl into bed and wait for the kids to wake me up to make pancakes.

Oops. So it turns out I forgot a kind of major thing.  Josie’s birthday.  I looked back and saw I last wrote on birthday eve.  We had a fantastic fairy party with just a few of her friends.  Robyn went all out and had the house looking perfect.  Josie makes a point to remind us almost daily that she is four now and that she is much bigger since she’s four.  I have to admit I think she is.

Ok. For real this time. I’m out.

One Love

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