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I had plans for a three part series on our Spring Break adventures, even wrote most of part one on our outbound airplane while the kids were sleeping next to me.  But then I got home, got back to work, got back to the sketchy internet connection and decided I’d just do the quick run down and fill it with pictures.

So the kids and I survived a couple of days on the home front without Robyn as she headed to Cape Town ahead of us for her part in the AISA conference.  We watched some movies, ate some pizza, got some ice cream.  You know, the usual when mom leaves you alone for a couple days. There were a few tears through the days as they missed mommy, that ironically came harder the closer we got.

The kids did a fantastic job on the traveling part though.  They helped me through the airports and even Josie dragged her own bag along behind her.  It wasn’t fast, but it got done.   Favorite airport moment was the look on her face when she thought the automatic door was going to close between us and the laughter in her eyes when it popped back open for her. Priceless.  (she walked a little faster after that though)

Cape Town was fantastic.  As my buddy Stellenberg used to constantly remind me, it is the second most beautiful city in the world.  With only Cape Town ahead of it.  We had a blast riding the ferris wheel, checking out the aquarium, the lego exhibit, riding bikes, eating good food, getting Josie’s face painted (twice with a request for more) and just wandering around.  Once Robyn was free we hit Table Mountain and then headed out of town (oh, and maddox managed to get several of the front lobby hotel staff, in their suits, to kick the soccer ball with him as we were checking out).

Pringle Bay was amazing.  Definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  Dramatic mountains behind and the ocean in front. We had a great time just hanging around the sleepy little town.  We rented bikes, which ended in a slight catastrophe that the town will talk about for years, (jelly fish, toothpaste, ice, the quicky mart parking lot and a random guy with a truck. we’ll leave it at that) watched the baboons run through town (and be chased by the guy who was apparently paid to chase them away) played games, headed over to see some penguins, and played on the beach a few times.

I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.  There were so many more things to do, but in the end, the best times were just being with the family.  In fact, my favorite memory of the trip was the whole family snuggled up under blankets on the porch looking up at a night sky saturated with stars.

Enjoy the pictures

One Love

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