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Riding High

I’m a wee bit tired, sunburned and should probably either be finishing my taxes or going to bed, but I’d rather write a little bit instead.  You see this was my birthday week, and it was a good one.  I won’t get it all right, and I’ll leave some stuff out I’m sure, as I always do, but too much goodness to let another week slide by.  So drink poured, headphones in, tunes on and here we go.

It started before it started with the second annual Dzorwulu pitch birthday bash.  This year an official LIFA sanctioned event.  The whole crew from our Tuesday staff game met at the pitch for an hour of playing, and a bit of revelry afterwards. Once again, Tina hooked us up with some tasty snacks (kelewele ya’ll) and the game was a blast. It all ended with the staff turning the lights out on us to try to get us to leave.  A very ineffective attempt as the lights regularly flicker and go out here thanks to dumsor so we just laughed and kept playing until we realized there were guys sitting on the sidelines waiting.

My actual birt

So that was a lapse of almost an entire month.  I’m not even sure what interrupted me there. Things got busy as usual I reckon.  I’ll try to do the quick version wrap up to get this thing rolling again.  Give me a second to find some music to listen to first though.

Alright that will do.

So yeh, my birthday, Maddox’s birthday, a trip to Lake Bosumtwe for Easter break and horseback riding (that included a drive through Mad Max’s backyard. sorry but that was too intense to snap pictures) a bunch of school, some pottery making and all kinds of other stuff and such.  Life is busy, as usual, but good.  Now that you mention it, I’m tired and I’ve missed too much to really recap that last month.  I think I’ll just hit you up with a whole bunch of pictures if that’s alright with you. Might even treat you to a video or two if I can find them.

I’ll do better soon.  Not next week though, cause I’m off to Mozambique for most of the week.  I’ll get back to some form of regularity at some point.  Actually, this might be it.  Whatever.  Here some pictures.

One Love.



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One thought on “Riding High

  1. Ha! Indeed the Mad Max drive to Green Ranch. I love it. Green Ranch (and Elodie and Max of course) is my favourite place to visit in Ghana. Pleased you enjoyed your time there.

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