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Positive Vibration

The last two weeks have absolutely blown by, like a motorcycle in an Accra traffic jam.  We’ve been busy, and its been good.

I had a fantastic time in Mozambique, but I’m just not cut out for the work traveling life. I miss this family a little too much.  Maybe Im’ a softy.  I’m ok with that though.  The best part is coming home.  There’s not much like the smiling faces and pounce of a welcome home hug from your kids.  Almost makes it worth being gone.

The next week was full of the usual scrum, with the addition of a birthday party for Robyn on Thursday.  I have to give some recognition to her here. It is not easy putting a party together and she does it with ease every time.  I’m not as good at the planning stages.  Getting a gift (this included a pleading whatsapp exchange with a friend and dropping an envelope of cash with her fifth grader to make the deal) and a cake were accomplished less than twenty-four hours before the deadline, but I think it turned out alright.

We had a good time hanging out with friends at Mmofra and enjoying drumming and dancing with Emma and his crew.  It was a beautiful evening, in a beautiful spot with my beautiful lady.

Friday was a holiday and we didn’t even leave the house all day.  We made movies, watched movies, played with blocks, and just had a good old fashioned lazy day until it was time for pizza and a movie.  We don’t get those sorts of days too often, and I enjoy them.

Saturday we hit the guitar lesson, family swim, soccer academy morning scene and then Robyn and I had a rare day date. Thai massage, Thai lunch and a trip to the mall for some groceries and lamp shopping. (robyn’s request, not mine) It was my first Thai massage and I have to say I giggled a bit in between wincing in pain.  Its a different experience for sure.

Speaking of different experiences.  Last night we went to an interesting collaboration between Ghanaian an Indian dance troupes.  I can’t remember exactly what it was called, but it told the story of two kids from different backgrounds that fall in love.  There was some fantastic dancing (the kid with the envelope above was in it and was dynamite) and costumes and we all had a good time.  At least once they got started (half an hour late) and the excellencies had all been welcomed by each other in their eloquent speeches.  That’s an interesting part of things here. They seem to like speeches.

I should add in here that Maddox is really making progress on his guitar playing. Especially since he started practicing a few times a week.  Its pretty amazing what that will do for your skills. We’re on our way to starting the family band.  Josie has the interpretive dance down as the perfect compliment to his playing.

So its Sunday morning now and the kids are finishing off the final episode of Avatar on the couch.  I’ve got a few more minutes before I should probably start making some pancakes.

Almost forgot. The kids wore Robyn down on the pet lobby and they got a pair of goldfish while I was gone. So Spiderman Ronaldo (that changed as i was typing) and Sparklicious are chillin in their tank as we speak.  Josie is quite the conscientious pet owner as well.  She’s all over making sure they’ve been fed.

Life is good here.  We’re getting close to summer break and we’ll be moving into a new house with the new school year.  So we’ve got a few things to do during this month of May.  For now though, I think I’ll just enjoy some coffee.

One love.

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