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Sun is shining

Another pizza Friday in the books.  Only two more of these left in the school year.  Pretty hard to believe. But I’ll do the reflecting on the year and sad goodbye post a little later.  If I’m honest I already started it, but its a bit too early to post.  Ha, that was kind of like a teaser for my own blog.

Travel looms in our future, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to the third print edition of this blog.  We’ve been printing it every two years.  It makes for a pretty cool book.  I’ll sell you an autographed copy for $100.  Just kidding. Unless you’re gonna do it…

Alright. I digress.

Its been a good, busy several weeks here.  The kids are growing like weeds, getting along great, being cute, trying to knock each other out, spilling stuff, screaming at each other, sleep walking, you know, all the usual kid stuff.

Maddox has managed to reach new levels of dirty each day.  He has a permanent ring around the collar from wiping his sweat, and probably jelly, on his shirt a hundred times a day.  He plays football, soccer for you Americans, every single day.  He’s even started going out early in the morning before we leave. Ok, well sometimes, when he’s managed to get his shoes on before its time to walk out the door at least. He and Kwame play every afternoon.  Its fantastic to hear them out there kicking the ball, laughing and having a good time.  He’s recently been inspired by the movie Pelada. He watched it four times in about three days I believe.  Probably not the best as far as screen time goes, I know, but if he’s going to be watching, its pretty good stuff.

Josie.  Josie is going through a throwing phase.  A water bottle came flying out of the back seat today, missing my head by a few inches.  Not sure what the thought process was there, but she seems to just be testing out her arm these days.  Its an interesting phase.  Its a good thing she’s also ridiculously cute and quick to apologize. I’m a sucker.  I admit it.

She had her assembly at school this week.  I thought she was going to explode if it didn’t hurry up and get here.  She was soooooo excited for us to come see her assembly.  She talked about it every day at dinner and I’m pretty sure I could have taken just about any kid’s part in case of emergency.  She had it all memorized and was happy to explain the order and who said what.  I don’t have to tell you how it turned out.  A stage full of pre-k kids is always slightly chaotic and sufficiently full of cute.

Oh yeh.  We finished reading the first Harry Potter book with Maddox recently.  I thought it might be awhile until we got to those, but he brought it home from the library and was all about it.  He read a couple of pages most nights, but mostly Robyn and I argued over who would get to read it to him instead of reading Princesses Love to Dance to Josie.  (i love her, but good grief she can pick some terrible books from the library)

In other news, we’re packing up for a move.  Not leaving the country, we’ll be here for a couple more years, just heading across the motorway.  A house opened up that we liked the idea of, and then they told us they were getting rid of our apartments, so we’re off.  We’ll move our stuff over the next couple of weeks and then the next time we land at the airport there will be a different route home.  Kind of exciting.

I think that will do it for tonight.

One Love.

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