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Seven things I learned from taking my seven year old fishing

This morning, the bedroom door squeaked open and as my eyes slowly came into focus, there was Maddox standing at the foot of the bed silently making a fishing gesture. (a little different light and music and it would have been incredibly creepy) Once I joined him in the living room he let me know that he had already had a muffin, was ready to go and began his intense questioning of where we were going fishing today. This was how we started day three of fishing in the NC mountains, and a good day it was.

I’ll return to the regularly scheduled blog on the next entry and catch you up on all the Harwood family adventures this summer, but for now, I thought I’d do a little something different in honor of our fishing extravaganza.

So, here are 7 things I learned in no particular order.

Fishing teaches patience. So does parenting. Therefore, parenting makes you a better fisherman, and fishing makes you a better parent. (that’s a good one to use for getting to go fishing)

It’s more about the time spent than the fish caught even for my boy, though he would never admit it. The eagerness in his voice during each conversation walking between fishing holes and during detangles gives it away.

Time on the river exists outside of the time space continuum. There is just no other way to explain how eight in the morning turns into noon in less than fifteen minutes.

To calculate approximate number of tangles and their complexity multiply child’s age by two for every year under twelve then by minutes spent fishing. Add 7 for rivers and 3 for lakes. (likelihood increases exponentially by 5 as you approach meal times)

Heading to the river for some quiet time means something different with a seven year old. There are moments of quiet, but it isn’t quiet the same. (you like what I did there)

It’s ok to listen to Teen Beach 2 on the way to the river. In fact it might even be enjoyable. Maybe. I’m just sayin.

There isn’t much better than the grin of a seven year old as he holds up is catch.

One Love

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