Las Quatro Harwoods

500 Miles (plus 17,676)

Its been a long traveling summer and its about to come to a close.  Bags are packed crammed full, most of the goodbyes have been said and we’re enjoying a last few hours with Grandmama and Pops. Its been a good one, as most summers as a teacher are, but its also been exhausting.  We’ve slept in 8 different houses/hotels/tents (the only one that was actually ours being our tent for camping one night this week) and once we land back in Accra we will have covered over 18000 miles by plane and car.  Travel StatsThe travel mapActually more, as those numbers don’t reflect trips to the store, side trips and driving around town just to have some alone time. (i’m just kidding, maybe i didn’t ever do that) Its been busy, exhausting and fun. I haven’t done much with the blog this summer, but I have taken a ton of pictures so I’m going to go with a mostly visual post this time (once i get these basic thoughts down anyway)

The kids have been in cousin heaven this summer. They’ve surfed, swam, hiked, climbed, bounced, laughed, run, played, sung (mostly Teen Beach 2), cried and smiled until their cheeks have to hurt. Every night they’ve stayed up ridiculously late to fall asleep exhausted and looking forward to the next day.  I’ve loved watching them work through the dynamics that each new place and family brings to the table. They adapt so quick and live in the moment. Its a beautiful thing.

I’m thankful for this life that we’ve chosen and the opportunities it brings.  It can feel isolating to be so far from family sometimes and there are times of questioning our choices. But the time we spend together in the summer is quality, and honestly, for at least some parts of our family, we might even see them more this way than we would if we lived here.  Thanks to all of our family and friends for making us feel at home and spending a fantastic summer with us.

There will be more tears as we board the plane, there almost always are, but it leads us to more adventures and a step closer to another summer filled with cousins and adventures.

One Love

(presented in no particular order, here’s our summer in pictures)

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