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Long Days, Logic and Love

This one was written on the plane a little over a week ago and set aside for jet lag recovery and getting back to work.  Its short on pics and long on thoughts.  I’ll get caught up on recent adventures and pictures soon…

We’ve been on the plane for over nine hours now for this six hour flight and we’re still about forty five minutes from the loving, sucker punch of heat that always greets you as you step off the plane in Accra. There were technical issues and then someone had to be removed from the plane for medical reasons. Then I guess it took the guys longer than they thought to crawl around in the belly of the plane and find his bags. The kids have been absolute troopers once again.

A seasoned traveler for sure

A seasoned traveler for sure

Soon (or maybe it already has been) it will have been a full twenty four hours since we pulled out of grandmamas house amidst some struggles and tears.  We’ve been back and forth through those tears a few times and had some great belly laughs too. But then I guess that’s life right? It’s hard watching this little guy struggle to figure it all out. He’s talked a lot about wishing wells and time travel recently. It will be interesting to see how (sorry but I had to pause for the minor turbulence that’s been affecting mostly my seat. It’s almost like a back massage guy behind me who somehow keeps managing to shake my seat and kick me in the back) it all plays out. A new school year starts soon and new friends and adventures will hopefully lay a sparkly bandaid over the wounds of the end of summer.

Through the tears at the end of the summer and transitions, I have learned that there isn’t much need to argue with a seven year old.  Their logic works a little differently.  The only thing we can really do is listen. Robyn’s good at that and I’m trying to learn to do it better. That’s what we all really want anyway right?  Someone to actually listen to us and hear what’s hurting and then let us cry or pout or just sit. It’s amazing the difference that can make.

Working through the transitions

Working through the transitions

So we’ve all had naps, the kids more than us I think, and watched lots of movies and shows had some snacks and we are twenty minutes to landing. There’s always a mixed feeing here if I’m honest. I’m excited to be back to Accra and it really does feel like home for us now, but life in the U.S. just seems so easy…  But it’s the challenges that make us grow and make us who we are and the chances we take that can lead to fantastic rewards.  I think of all the amazing people we’ve met, friends we’ve made and places we’ve visited over the last two years and I feel thankful that we have this chance to continue to see what else is out there.

I know this life isn’t always easy on the kids and I think it can probably be hard for our family to understand.  But I’m thankful for the support they give us and I’m truly sorry for any heartache it might cause them.  I hope you guys know our love for our family doesn’t change over distance and we cherish the time we get over the summer.  And to my kids when you look back on this and read it one day I hope you know that we chose this life for you believing with all of our hearts that it was what was best. Even through the tears and locked doors and of course through the laughter. I won’t wish away they days but I do look forward to the time when our logics work the sameish way and we can sit over drinks and talk about how this all turned out.  Hopefully with laughter and smiles.

Happy time together

Happy time together

One Love

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One thought on “Long Days, Logic and Love

  1. Kim Goldstein on said:

    Dear Ryan, I only met you and your family once, only traveled to

    Accra once. Marty and I have reached the point in our lives where much of our travel is through the eyes of others–but Mart and I get it. I think it’s an incredible adventure that you all are on– challenging? Yes!!! B
    ut how cool!!!

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