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Chasing the Wizard’s Sleeve

So right now I’m laying on the table at the PTs office just up the street from school with a pile of heat on my leg.  It looks like my dream of a call up for the U.S. vs Mexico game in Oct has been shattered by a bad achilles (and now you know why beasley was called back in).

Tuesday afternoon fun

Tuesday afternoon fun

Thankfully it didn’t completely tear so no surgery required but I’m out of LIFA for at least a couple of months.

So thanks for shedding a tear for me and all the tweets in support.  I’ll make it through.

That’s the bad news if you will.  The good news is things are rolling along pretty good here in Accra.  We’re back in full swing at school and life is pretty much back to normal. You know, kids taking forever to get ready in the morning, yelling and laughing as they play tag outside, asking for gum and or Milo every afternoon on the ride home.  Just like it’s always been.

We’ve already chalked up a couple of adventures and looking forward to another tomorrow actually.  Maddox is a dedicated surfer now.  He’s been talking of little else since we returned. It is quite possible its a bit of a coping mechanism to deal with the change but I think he also pretty much loves it.  A couple of weeks ago, after a disappointing morning at Sankofa where the surf was too big and rough, we moved over to Big Milly’s and hooked up with Mr Bright for a lesson. Maddox jumped right in with a couple of other kids and showed them how it’s done. Pure joy to watch him in action. He’s serious.

This is how he rolls on the tide.

This is how he rolls on the tide.

(had to pause there for a few to be abused by the pt and her ultra sound machine. now i’m just enjoying some heat and electrodes so…)
Seems he’s made a friend in Mr Bright as well. Bright loaded us up with a bunch of videos and things to do at home. We now have tape marks hidden under the living room carpet for practicing our pop ups. Yea, our pop ups. You see a week later we returned and Bright talked me into a lesson too. We’ll just say I had a good time. I won’t be called in as a stunt double for Point Break Three anytime soon, but it’s on now.  Santy Claus will definitely be getting a request from Maddox for a board and we might just see if there are any discounts if you get two

Josie has taken to school like a fish in water.  She absolutely loves it. I think she’s grown about four years in the last two weeks too.  She comes up with some pretty amazing comments and she’s got the eye roll down like a veteran sixteen year old. I love walking her to class in the mornings and she loves the thick glass wall by our building.

Happy kids starting school

Happy kids starting school



We stop on the way down the steps to make faces at each other from opposite sides of it.  Of course, we always have a good time talking and laughing on the way to class.  I don’t think anybody else enjoys their walk to class in the morning as much as we do.  She gives me the requisite kisses when we get there and she’s on her way.  Big girl.


Good times in the driveway

Good times in the driveway

Our new place is fantastic.  We lost a pool in the trade, but the kids have room to run outside because there is a yard. Also plenty of driveway for bike riding and other shenanigans.  We’ve even got room for a garden. Life is good.

Continued some twenty-four hours later as usual.


Family selfie in front of a super cool mural

Family selfie in front of a super cool mural

We made it to Chale Wote today in Jamestown.  This was our second year attending and its fantastic, overwhelming, super cool and slightly crazy all wrapped up in one.  The kids weren’t super pumped about it if we’re honest, but it turned out alright.  They got a FanChaco in the end and that always makes everything ok.  This is one of those experiences that is a bit hard to explain.  You really just need to experience it someday.  I think I talked about this a bit last year.  It was even more intense this year thanks to a swelling attendance.  We had fun and stayed just long enough.  We’ll leave it at that.

Now Josie has her face painted and the boys are playing some checkers while Robyn whips up some dinner. (now josie is painting robyn’s face…) I’m whooped from a long day.  Got up early for a bike ride with friends through “trails” in the “forest”.  It was tons of fun and I’m looking forward to riding again.  But that plus an afternoon in the sun and the crowds will wear a fella down.  Looking forward to a quiet evening in before tomorrow’s adventures begin. (josie eventually painted everyone’s face…)

Fun with face paints

Fun with face paints

Oh, the title.  Yeh I’m not going to explain that one yet. If you’re cool enough you’ll know.  If you don’t know that’s ok too cause I’m really just pretending that I’m cool enough to know because I just learned it.  Details in the future.  When we catch it…

One Love


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