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Endless Summer

Life just keeps on rolling and some days I feel like I’m having a hard time keeping up with it.  But it’s definitely not passing me by.  Every day is filled with adventure and learning and for that I’m thankful.

Today was another beach day, and a beautiful one at that.

All smiles after surfing and playing on the beach

All smiles after surfing and playing on the beach

We’ve pretty much dedicated Sunday’s to surfing over the past month.  The days go something like this.  Wake up, find Maddox watching a movie downstairs on the couch, eat some breakfast, do some puzzles, or drawing and listen to Maddox continually count down how long until his surf lesson, drive to the beach, surf, hang out, maybe grab some lunch, drive back (everyone else naps here) get home, kids watch a surf movie, I pass out on the couch.  Its a good day.

And if you’re thinking about the beach you like to visit, its not like that.

Kids, boat, coconut seller & horse all in one pic

Kids, boat, coconut seller & horse all in one pic

There’s the constant thumping of music from the beach clubs, that seems at first like it would be incredibly annoying, but inevitably just leads to you nodding your head to the beat and a group of kids dancing somewhere close by.  You’ve got a small group of peace corpish looking maybe students (it seems the peace corp requires the girls to get corn rows in their hair), rastas hanging out watching the people go by or maybe playing football (soccer) on the beach.  One week, as we left, there was a volleyball game of rastas versus obrunis. I wish I had a picture. The younger, local kids are usually running around playing and often joining in with whomever is on the beach.

Fun to watch the boys laugh and flip about

Fun to watch the boys laugh and flip about

Josie always has someone to help her dig some holes.  Today they found a place where the beach provided a perfect launching point for flips.  It was impressive.  Occasionally a horse and rider drift by and there’s always a fishing boat on the beach or in the water and sometimes they’ve just brought in the nets.

Learning to surf is fun too, and I’m improving immensely.  Here’s some recent video (turn the volume down & disregard the graphics) There’s good in something that requires you to constantly fall down then get up and try again (without too much pain, i am getting older).  Its not a feeling we regularly experience as adults and I’m thankful for the reminders it brings me.

She loves it

She loves it

There’s other stuff going as well of course.  Josie has cranked back up her ballet classes and absolutely loves it.  She’s even entertained us with some impressive interpretive dances in the backyard. (that video’s for real) Oh and she’s starting to read.  Really read. It is so much fun to watch her little eyes light up as she sounds out words and realizes she got them right.  I’d forgotten what that was like while Maddox was learning.  She’s pumped and loving learning.

Maddox is constantly in motion.  That’s usually a positive thing, but it can have its draw backs as well.  We’ll just say Josie is a little better at entertaining herself.  Thank goodness Kwame is here to play with him in the afternoon and help keep him busy.  Those two have so much fun together.   Its a beautiful thing.  Maddox is playing soccer four times a week, with an afternoon of basketball thrown in for cross training.  He’s picking up some skills on the guitar too thanks to the other Mr. Bright at Lincoln.

Maddox & his team talking strategy

Maddox & his team talking strategy

I’m sitting on our back porch now amazed at the cool breeze that is bringing in the evening and listening to the three kids playing in the driveway.  Its amazing how well they find a way to play together.  Well most of the time.  There are, of course, the occasional breakdowns. (on cue i just heard josie scream) I love the afternoons when I come home to find them already outside playing.  The conversation, negotiations and laughter that they share are like a summer rain that washes away whatever troubles the day might have thrown at me.

Life is good these days.  My only real complaint is the ants, (ok there’s also the rooster that can’t tell time and the screen door on the neighbors porch that provides constant haunted house sounds) they’re moving in while we wait for the exterminators to finish the bidding process.  At least that’s what we’ve been told.  But, if that’s the worst of things, then I reckon I’ll be alright.  Its kind of like a daily mystery to see where they are each morning and then I get to talk trash to them while I send them on their way.  They’re getting stronger though, and they can swim…

As usual, I haven’t managed to get this done in one sitting.  The kids are long since sacked out and I’m halfway watching some soccer on tv.  Robyn and I actually had a little time to watch a show together once they were down (newsroom, first two episodes have been good) That’s not something we get to do too often these days.  One, or both of us, tend to sack out pretty early ourselves during the week.

We’ve got a long weekend thanks to Founder’s Day and its been good so far.  Last night was a good evening of playing music and hanging out with friends (with belgian beer, the best kind) and tomorrow we’ll have an easy day before spending the evening cooking out with a couple friends here at the house.

Alright. I’m throwing in the towel for the day.  Early rise for a bike ride tomorrow.  That’s another fun adventure I’ve been having lately.  Every Saturday I’m up and out of the house for some exploring on my bike with a few friends.  We decided to take advantage of the extra day tomorrow to ride again.  I should get to bed.

One Love



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