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Potholes and positivity

First, I want to start with a little PSA.  Ghana is a beautiful country and a great place for traveling.  It may not be as easy as journey down old Route 66, but if you put in the effort it is worth it.  Oh, and there is no Ebola here so you don’t have to worry about that.

Almost into Togo

Almost into Togo

We hit the road this week to visit a couple of our favorite places. I have to admit that despite my opening paragraph, I was a little apprehensive about this trip.  Word on the streets was the road from Peki to Wli (the second half of our trip) was in less than exceptional condition.  We’ll add to that information that as we drove away from Accra, the sky was black and very soon opened up slowing us to a crawl.  You see, when the roads are full of pot holes, and may alternate between paved and dirt, a giant rainstorm doesn’t necessarily improve the driving conditions.  But I digress.

The drive took a little longer with the rain, but the sky soon cleared and we arrived at Roots Yard under a fresh blue sky.  Bob and Jacqueline welcomed us like old friends and we returned our key that we accidentally stole a year and a half ago. Funny enough, they then presented us with the three hats that we had left!  I was quite excited to be reunited with my favorite visor.  Who would have guessed?

Headed for the caves with Rafa

Headed for the caves with Rafa

After a quick picnic lunch we filled our afternoon with a visit to an ancestral cave that was over 700 years old and a bit of skating with a cool crew of kids. Bob and Jacqueline have almost completed work on a small skatepark at the local school.

Unfortunately, the almost finished meant the kids had to just skate around the school.  Which meant, much to Maddox’s delight, getting kicked off of each spot they chose every ten minutes or so.  He felt like a real rebel skater dude I think.

Wednesday morning we took it easy and the kids played around with toys and skateboards all morning before we headed on towards Wli just before lunch time.

Here’s one more place where Robyn does a fantastic job being a mom.  I may have mentioned before how I’m not a huge fan of the rough roads and I had at one point lobbied for two nights at Roots Yard and an early return, but she encouraged us to move on, so we did.  Mom’s are good at that kind of stuff aren’t they?  The road was rough, the going was slow, the rain was hard, but the kids were awesome and in the end it was well worth it.

When I could look up from the road to without fear of losing the front axle, the views were fantastic.

The road to Wli

The road to Wli

This is a beautiful, lush, green mountainous part of the country.  I love it.  And the Wli Waterfall lodge is such a relaxing place.  I even found Maddox, several times, including first thing each morning, just sitting in a chair looking out across the mountains.  I can’t tell you how beautiful that was for me.  We had a great time on our small hikes to the river in the afternoon and then to the waterfall in the morning.  It was gianourmous compared to the last time we were there by the way.

Excited kids

Excited kids

Our entire vacation the kids only asked once to use an iPad and when I said no, never asked again.  They made their own fun, enjoyed being outside, pretended, played, read books, made things, drew, imagined, explored, hiked, threw rocks and smiled.  It was beautiful.

Thanks Robyn, for reminding us that its worth the work to get to the beautiful places.

A couple of favorite moments other than those listed above: Josie met a little girl in the village who was somewhere between one and two and decided to make and give her a bracelet.  The tro-tro driver who yelled at us and pointed in the other direction as we drove past because he somehow knew that our car full of white people had missed their turn, which the guy on the side of the road confirmed when we asked him.  Big thumbs up and grins as we passed back by the tro.  Rasta Kwami showing up out of nowhere and (we met him on the waterfall trail where he has a little compound and garden) bringing us a huge bundle of lemon grass, for making tea, the morning we were leaving.

I’m thankful for the adventure, the experience and the people along the way.  Tomorrow its back to work and back to the routine and that’s good too.

One Love.

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