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Sweet Potato Pie

This is one of those thinking posts.  I’ll get back to family pictures and such soon. 

Remember the taste of push-ups when we were kids.  Not the ones your gym teacher made you do, but the orange ones that had Fred Flinstone on them.  Yeh, I can still taste their all natural goodness right now.  They didn’t always have them in the cafeteria, but when they did they were the perfect compliment to that basket of pizza and french fries.

Ahh, the tastes of childhood.

So I had a moment, about a week ago, that got me thinking about all this.  I was in the “container shop”, aka Novelties, doing some grocery shopping while the kids were outside waiting with Kwame.  They were sitting among the stacks of boxes of pure water and refill bottles for water coolers just watching the world go by.  The boys both had a FanChaco (thats the first time i’ve ever seen this commercial) while Josie was slurping on a can of Milo.  These are by far their favorite treats that are found here in Ghana.

I’m struck at times at how very different their world of normal is from mine at their age.  (i’m sure i’ve said this in here before somewhere, but its on my mind again so you’ll be ok)  I’m also grateful for the opportunity to let them have the experience.  They’ll look back on jollof and kelewele , (sorry, i had to take a minute to wipe the drool from my mouth) like I look back on Grandma Marshall’s roast and vegetables or the chocolate and vanilla cakes she brought to the beach every year.  And they’ll remember  Tina’s Taco Tuesday like I remember Grandma Harwood’s sliced ice cream or her sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend an afternoon sharing a meal with our friends from around the world while all of our families are thousands of miles away.  We’ll laugh and trade stories, but for many of us our thoughts will be tugged in another direction of Thanksgivings past.  Somewhere across the oceans to a table full of foods that show up once a year, football and parades on the television and a game of baseball in the backyard.

But that’s all part of this adventure, its never going to be quite the same as it used to be, or for that matter as it was last year.  People come and go, and eventually we will too.

I’m thankful for the life that I live with my own little family and the traditions that we will continue to build as we figure out what works for us.  I’m thankful for an amazing wife that makes me smile and two kids that make me laugh and proud.  I’m thankful for our families on the other side of the ocean that might not quite understand why we’ve chosen this life, but love us just the same.

I hope you guys have a fantastic day and your houses are full of laughter and love.  And maybe, mom, you could put a little bit of Grandma’s sweet potatoes in the freezer for me since we’ll be coming for Christmas?

One Love




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One thought on “Sweet Potato Pie

  1. Ruth Stout on said:

    What an amazing story! I guess that is the beauty of family, the continuity and somehow the change fits in! Hope your sweet potato dish is waiting for you. Knowing Donna, there will be 10 pounds of it.

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