Las Quatro Harwoods

December delights

Well we’re almost over the jet lag.  We’ve been ice skating with old friends, played laser tag, seen the Nutcracker and Star Wars (yes please may i have another), it’s rained for two days straight and the kids have managed to puke on all three of the cushions on grandmas couch.  Griswald, smiswald, this is Christmas vacation!  We’re still having fun, the kids are recovering (they’re snuggled up on the couch watching miracle on 34th street) and it’s only Christmas Eve so we should be ok.

Well, we should have been, but then Robyn was sick all Christmas Day and I got the visit from Uncle Earl that night. Times were tuff in the metropolis of Elon, but we survived.

December has been good to us. We made it to Peki to visit our friends at Roots Yard and deliver a pile of shoes for the Roots Rebels kids. (the result of donations from friends seeing my pictures of an earlier visit) Robyn traveled on from there to experience her first Ghanaian funeral and pay her respects for a member of our Lincoln Community that passed away. We’ve surfed, visited with some new friends thanks to Twitter, finished another fantastic semester of school, and thanks to a huge stroke of luck, slept lying down in business class on our way to the States.

Now we’re spending a week in the North Carolina mountains with Sig and I’m sitting on the porch of a little cabin writing.  I couldn’t ask for much more. (well, maybe that it could be a cabin in the woods with a trout stream, a fire place and snow on the ground instead of right by the highway with three days of rain, but you know what i mean. the pictures didn’t show the highway…)  I think of Ghana as home these days, but there is something about these mountains that just feels good.  I feel a bit of calm wash over me when I can look out and see the Blue Ridge.

I’m very thankful that we spent some time in the woods today hiking.  It feels so good to be in the woods.  Josie was strongly negotiating for turning around and heading back to the car for a majority of the hike, until we came to a stream crossing.  Then it was all grins and laughter, boots off and feet in the water.  The grins and laughter lasted for quite a while, but the boots were back on in a flash.  Mountain streams in the winter are a wee bit cold.

I’m thankful for these visits and the time with family.  The kids absolutely relish the time with their cousins, and it is a beautiful thing to see.  It also makes me appreciate the life we live.  I feel like my kids are getting the best of both worlds. A life full of adventure and learning that builds a healthy world view but still time to feel the connection of extended family and a small dose of Disney Channel every few months. (ok maybe its a pretty heavy dose this time)

I’ve sat down to write this entry at least five different times with a plethora of ideas in my head, but I never quite find the time (i’m being called in for toothbrushing monitor duty now) to complete it. So I’ll try to get you some more deep thoughts in January.  For now, here’s a pile of pictures and I’m going to watch Invisible Sister with my kids (i’ll give it a chance because, sometimes disney gets it right)

One Love



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