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Nothing Short of Thankful

Just back from surfing.  The kids are watching a little tv and Robyn’s doing some yoga before we regroup for a bit of lunch.  Its the end of Spring Break and I’m feeling pretty thankful. We’ve had an amazing week as a family exploring this country we currently call home and making some friends along the way.

We spent the week at The Hideout, one of our favorite places that we have discovered in Ghana.  Its a simple lodge with screened windows, cold water showers and ceiling fans.  Each of which work together to make it the perfect place to relax.  The sounds of the ocean become a part of life throughout day and night, the cold showers are refreshing after time in the surf and sand and the fans keep it just cool enough in the evenings to rest easy.

We played in the ocean, hiked to Busua with our old friend Francis, a local who has been our guide each time we have visited and greets us with hugs and big smiles, climbed the hill to the fort, floated through the river through the mangrove and kapok trees and even took on a boat ride around the point on our return from Busua to Butre.  That one was not fully enjoyed by the entire family.  I’ll just say its one of those things we’ll check off the list and move on.

The kids read books to each other, on their own, and with us.  They wrote stories, played with a puppy, and roamed the beach. We played cards and laughed.  We took naps, all of us, and I spent an amazing amount of time reading or just sitting and looking out at the ocean.  In the evenings we laughed with the staff, and introduced them to roasting marshmallows around the campfire.  There were some big smiles and lots of requests for seconds.  They tried desperately to give us a puppy as we were leaving, but we managed to dodge that for now.  As we left, we gave Comfort, one of the Hideout staff, a ride to the junction as she was headed to town.  When she got out of the car Josie said, “I want us to give her a ride every time we come here.”  That kind of sums the place up.

It’s easy to get in to the grumbling Sunday mode. To start thinking of returning to work and all the routines and obligations, but I’m excited to get back. We’re lucky to have jobs, and what a bonus that they set us up to have these adventures.   I like my job and when I think of the opportunities it gives me professionally and personally, I’m quite grateful.

There are constant reminders around us of how privileged we are.  The words painted on the side of a tiny shack at the end of our road “Money can’t buy happiness”, our guard taking one of our old yoga mats excitedly to use as a sleeping mat in the hostel where he stays, the shell of an unfinished house in which so many people here live.  It can be a hard balance in my brain sometimes as we load our car with things and travel for a vacation, an idea that is foreign to most of the people around us each day.

So I’m sharing these recent adventures with a sense of gratitude and a hope that as we travel and explore, somehow we are being more than consumers and giving a little something, even if it is as simple as laughter and kindness to those we meet.

One Love

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