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Checking in before checking out

It seems I’ve slowed to about an every other month entry.  Just to be clear, its only the writing that’s slowed down.  Life continues to flow by seamlessly as it always does.  Not always smoothly, but even when its bumpy, we’re still flowing just the same.

We’re heading into the homestretch of the school year.  In fact, just this morning as we walked into campus, we were discussing how soon (ok next year) we’ll all be on the same side of campus together.  Pretty crazy that our little one will be in grade one!

So its that time of year when friends and colleagues are packing their belongings, preparing for goodbyes or maybe just counting down the days left in the school year.  I’ve had a couple of numbers yelled at me in the last few days.  I can honestly say I’m not counting down this year though. (not yet anyway)  I’m feeling the end of the year as much as the next guy and thinking about summer adventures (ok mostly about IPAs, I just had to pause to wipe some drool away)  but I’m enjoying my job right now and the new challenges that are coming along.

And life is good.

Our days are packed with action and adventure.  You know the kind.  School, meetings, after school soccer and jewellery making, birthday parties, grocery store stops, surfing on Sunday,  music lessons, birthday parties, ceramics, sitting in traffic, birthday parties.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We’ve also added to our team.  We picked up an international transfer from our home town in fact.  Hallie a 6 year old brown dog from Greensboro, NC joined our crew last week.  Our friend, Robyn’s boss and the kids’ honorary Gran Gran let us take her in as she’s moving on to Kuala Lumpur and won’t be in a dog friendly housing situation.  Gran Gran you’ve made two kids incredibly happy.  Our boy is literally sleeping with his head on top of Hallie’s back in his bed as I write this.  I have to admit, it is a good feeling to have a dog again.  Just something good about the clicking of nails on the floor as she trots around and of course a wagging tail when you come home is nice.

I’m sure I’ve missed out on reporting some sort of major life events.  Actually, I guess I’ve missed everybody’s birthday except Josie’s since its been a couple of months here.  I’ll assure you that each was appropriately celebrated.  There was the unfortunate event of the broken birthday chalice that I should report.  We’re on the lookout for a new one.  In fact I ordered one from the guy on the beach next to Big Milly’s who assured me he could do it and it would be ready in two weeks.  That was five weeks ago now I believe.  Last week he told me the power had been out, but it would be ready soon.  Uh, huh.  I’m thinking it might be on the summer shopping list.

So I’m sure there’s more, but a picture’s worth a thousand words right? But I’m getting sleepy and its only Tuesday. So here’s a few thousand words worth of pictures to sum up whatever I’ve left out.

One love.


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