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Playing a man down

First of all, Asheville, I think its love… I don’t mean to get all mushy on you but you showed me such a good time for the last week.  Alas, I’m afraid it isn’t meant to be.  It’s not you, it’s me.  You see we just aren’t ready for commitment and a long distance relationship just isn’t feasible right now.  Give me a few years to get some things in order and we’ll be together, skipping rocks in your creeks, watching our kids dance and play in your parks and fountains, sitting on the screened porch on a cool summer morning and enjoying your oh so many delicious beers.  Yes Asheville, one day we will spend our summers together…

(sorry you had to be a part of that personal moment)

With our goodbye after two weeks in that magical city of Asheville we also had to say aideu to Robyn as she hopped back across the pond to drop some knowledge on the international counselors community at the CTC. (yeh, she’s internationally known) Now, I’ll take a moment here to pour a little out in honor of all of you who do this single parenting thing full time.  It’s no joke.  I’ve even kind of cheated by being at my mom’s house and having some extra help. (although with her open door policy it has also increased the kid count from my two and a cousin to include two neighbor kids too, oh and I think one of their cousins as well) I swear it feels like there’s a new kid wandering through the house or asking for a popsicle every day.  There have been some difficult moments, a few tears and very few quiet moments alone.  Its been good, but not easy.  I miss my teammate.

Speaking of kids, they’re pretty much in hog heaven.  They’ve got free run of two houses and yards, two garages full of toys and bikes and sunlight until almost nine o’clock.  That makes for a pretty good time.  They stay up until way too late so that they can get up way too early.  Ah, summertime.

I always enjoy watching my kids play and grow and figure things out, but there’s something extra special about it during the summer.  There’s an eagerness to them and the palpable excitement they exude as they explore Grandmamaland.  There are bumps and bruises and arguments and tears along the way, just like any other day, but I think they wipe away a little easier in the summer.  There’s just too much that one might miss if they’re down too long.

It’s been a little less magical and slightly harder for me with my best friend gone, but we’ve managed to text a good bit and even talk face to face via the magical world of the interweb pretty much every day.  Our family doesn’t do this separation thing a lot.  I mean we all go to and work at the same school.  It’s also the first time I’ve been on the staying end.  Honestly, though I’m not sure which is harder.  Enough of my whining though.  Opportunities like this shouldn’t be passed up and I’m proud as a peacock of my wife for being asked to be a part of this organization and seeing it through.

Thank goodness I pick her up from the airport tomorrow (i’m really hoping she’ll bring me some fresh fish and chips in her carry-on) cause I’m ready to see my lady.

I’ll stop the disjointed rambling and share some pics now I reckon (this entry was started, interrupted and restarted at least forty hundred billion million times over the course of the past week)

The train rolls south in a few days for the next chapter of our summer adventures.

Until next time my friends.

One Love


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