Las Quatro Harwoods

One Love

Summer is full of adventure, sunscreen, plane rides, epic drives, good beer, family and familiar haunts.  But most of all it’s a time to fall in love.

Without the distractions of the everyday, the schedule, the to do lists, the endless places to be, we change, and this summer I’ve fallen in love all over again with my family. 

I’ve felt my heart swell as I’ve watched my boy navigate thru challenging situations, surf the tiniest waves with enthusiasm, and laugh with his cousins like there is nothing else that exists in the world.

I’ve grinned until my cheeks hurt as my girl has danced in the waves, fished in the creek, asked incredible questions and tagged  right along  with her cousins who are all at least six years older than her like its exactly where she should be and she’s totally in on all the jokes.

I’ve felt the comfort of my wife as she crossed the ocean to share her knowledge as a professional, while still managing somehow to feel as if she was right by my side. We’ve gone on walks, laughed and loved and even done yoga in the rain together.

My favorite pictures from the summer are from when I didn’t have my phone around. They’re just etched into the archives of my brain. Those moments that it just seemed like taking a picture might ruin them. You know the ones.

I’m more than thankful for the times with our extended family and we look forward to them each year, (i’ll be sure to write more about all that later, especially my superior billiards display)  but there is something extra special about these three people and the smile they put it in my heart.
(full disclosure, i made sure I got this post written before we get in the car for an eleven  hour drive tomorrow starting at six am cause we all know how those can go…)

One Love

the best a guy could ask for

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