Las Quatro Harwoods

Set the Alarm

And so ends another summer.  We’re back in our house, bags unpacked with everything most stuff neatly put away, and the alarm that is set for tomorrow isn’t to catch an early flight, but to make sure we get to work on time.  (ok, so the alarm isn’t set yet, but i’ll do it in a minute)  Sure, I’m a little sad to know vacation is over, but I’m also excited to head back to work.  The vacation can’t exist without the job, right?

We covered a lot of miles once again, but it seemed a little more manageable this year.  Either we’re getting better at it, numbed to the hassle, or just learning to accept it better.  We managed to catch up with good friends, visit a whole lot of family, sneak in a night of camping and surf two sides of the US and one side of Portugal.  Not a bad summer.

There were so many moments this summer that I found myself feeling overwhelmingly thankful for the life that we lead.  Our kids were happy, we were having adventures and spending time with the people we love.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

It can be hard living across the ocean from all that you once perceived as normal in a place that is far from what and whom you’ve always known.  But it can also be a blessing.  There’s so much to see and learn and experience.  And just maybe it makes some of those ties a little stronger as everything you once took for granted is now like having ice cream for lunch.

I’m tired and still need to set the alarm, so I’ll tell the rest of the story with pictures in no particular order.

Life is good.

One Love



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