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Off and running again

And we’re off!  School started Wednesday and I’m happy to report we’ve got two kids that claim they got the teacher they wanted and had a great first week.  They’ve come home excited and properly exhausted each day.  Actually, Josie has. Maddox on the other hand seems to be so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He’s been stopping periodically to do push ups, did 2 different FitStar sessions Thursday afternoon, rode the exercise bike for at least 20 minutes Friday afternoon and has insisted on a dance party every night.  Mr. Alex, I’m going to have to ask you to tone it down or something.  I can’t take this all year.

If you’ve got kids, you know, its a pretty good feeling to know your kids are pumped about school.  Granted, its early yet, but I’m going to take the positive road on this one.  In the words of Pappa Geoff, I think its Ghana be a great year!

I guess I should back up just a little though.  The kids also had a fantastic week before school.  Even though there was a lot of dissent in the beginning, they joined the new faculty’s kids for orientation week and had a blast.  Its kind of like going to camp.  They play games on campus, swim, go to mini golf, eat pizza, make crafts and run amuck around campus.  At the end of the first day, there was no question they would get up willingly the next morning.  Its pretty cool to watch this random group of kids from pre-k to eighth grade hang out together for a week.  Josie, was quite certain she was a part of the big girl group.  Watching her sit at lunch and have a conversation with middle school girls is pretty hilarious and heartwarming.  Its a fantastic way to keep the kids busy as we get back to work and they’ve got some new friends to boot!

Its good to be back home, and Ghana feels more and more that way these days.  I appreciate the way it always eases us back in with some cooler weather and a little breeze this time of year.  Maddox and I have managed to get back to the beach already and had a great cold water session with Mr. Bright.  We’ve had some new friends over for dinner and look forward to those relationships growing throughout the year. We headed over to Mmofra today for some time with friends and enjoyed a beautiful day outside.

Its always good to travel, and be with family and friends in the States but as an old lady told me one time “You think you’ve seen it all until you come back home.”  Confusingly true and it seems to fit Ghana just about right.

One love.

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